What should I do in the pig farm, how to prevent treatment?

After a variety of piglets, the piglet is a symptom of a long time, and the light is not long. It is called the stiff pig.
The characteristics of Zadow pigs are priests and thin, and some are weak, and they are slow, and even less long. Some stomachs are large, two heads; some constipation is alternate; some mental dysfunction, mucous membrane is pale, and it is lying. The stiff pigs caused by the sequelas of various diseases have more chronic symptoms of the disease.
According to the caused reason, it takes different measures to prevent it.
(1) Establish a laser archive of boars and sows, and find a spectrum, and do a good job in breeding programs, prevent nearby relatives. Breeding boars and sows, don’t go early.
(2) According to the feeding requirements of boars, pregnancy and breastfeeding, the necessary full-price feed is supplied, and the piglet should be early replenishment. When the sow is insufficient, the piglet is another pig sow. Vegetable piglets in the weakness of the weaning should give special management.
(3) Usually do a good job in hygiene and epidemic prevention, the pig is treated in time to avoid transferring chronic disease. Preventing the occurrence of parasites, to regularly deworming.
(4) Reasonable mixing
1. Pigs exoworm. Use poetry with net pesticide, topical: weight every 10kg, 0.75ml of pig. Pouring in the pig ridge to the tail root (the ear infection is severely infected, 0.19 mL can be placed on each side, and the ear is added to the ear)
2. Pure Chinese medicine: ingrediental glucose oxidase – pig is stupid. Even 20 days can effectively improve the growth rate of the stiff pig, break the secret of a long-lived pig! Even 30 days can catch up with normal pig growth speed!
Usage and Dosage:
1. Weaning Pig Pig (15-20 head) use 50 grams (1 bag), drinking water or moist stock daily, with 5-7 days.
2. Zigui ( Piglose group in sub-health status), pig weight 150-200 kg a bag (50 grams) per day, for 20 days, drinking water or moisture material can be used.
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