What should I do with mycotoxin?

has been named: Mildew
1. Main ingredients:
Nano-stage bipolarous silicate, sorbate, glucose oxidase, organic acid, Bacillus, Chinese medicine Powder, yeast cell wall
Second, advanced technology
1. Adopt advanced technology to achieve nano-particle silence to ensure this product is indifferent to vitamins, minerals and various types of nutrients.
2. Advanced Chinese medicine pilot technology, remove traditional Chinese medicine harmful ingredients, improve effective ingredients, give full play to traditional Chinese medicine efficacy, enhance liver function, enhance immunity
Swant-to-vicious repair gastrointestinal mucosa
1. This product is de-desorging: utilizing the pharmaceutical grade nammondite, bipolar silicate crystals, using advanced process to ensure this product has superior adsorption feed or Intestinal inner mold and its toxins, inhibit the growth of molds, ensuring that it is indifferent to vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and other cereal nutrients.
2. Immunization of this product: Repair the intestinal immunohistological and immune system that is inhibited and destroyed by mold toxins, activating body immunity and cellular immunity, thereby relieving immunoplasia or immunosuppression.
3. The cracking function of this product: enhance the cracking function of the liver, destroying the toxins produced by various molds that have entered the blood, and the toxins accumulated in the body, so that it is transformed into non-toxic substances, and passes through the urine Exterior of feces.
4. Implementation of the intestinal function of this product: Repair the gastrointestinal mucosa with yeast cell wall, thereby placing or restoring gastrointestinal function, and also reduces and hinders the absorption speed of these toxic substances.

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