What should I do with pig pull thin diarrhea? What good treatment?

What should I do with pig pull thin diarrhea? What good treatment?
What is the pig diarrhea? How did the pig diarrhea? Pig diarons are caused by pig infection, and before and after, the incidence rate is high,

The disease is 5 days to 10 days. In response to these symptoms, some farmers are very urgent. It is a bit illusory, which makes the condition delay, plus

drama. So, what is the right to prevent treatment of pigs, painting, pigs? Next, learn more about:

sick pig skin is not full, the ear is cold, stream, abdominal, smashing, fearless , Loss of appetite or abolishment, no hot image or mild hair

hot, sudden diarrhea, diarrhea, dressing, sexual loss, rapid dehydration after 1 day after pulling. The sick pigs died due to the disorders of the disease

, and the mortality rate of piglet was more than 15%.

Pig diarrhea often occurs symptoms:

The clinical symptoms of piglets, fattening pigs and breeding pigs are lighter, and they are reduced, and they are willing to drink water. The feces is thin, and the feces is as

pucelates, and the uncertain feed is often mixed in the manure. The spirit is sluggish, quickly lose weight, the eye nest is falling, and it is reluctant to walk. In the late limbs

, the ear, the tail is cold. If it can be treated in time, most of them can cure.
Treatment Experience Program: Unique + Left

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, viral diarrhea, various refractory diarrhea, high mortality, can use these two products to prevent and treat, customer feedback, efficiency

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Different symptoms of diarrhea, need to be equipped with different drugs! If you have anything to know, if you want to know, please call:

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