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Hebei Anping County Liu boss, pig farm mother pig stocks 300, but in the first one, 40% of the pig farm were sick, and the amount of food, vomiting, poor mental state, the tear iron rust line is serious, left The sow in the sow is not good, and the friends have recommended some medicine. If you don’t say the cycle of the medicine, you still have no effect, you can take Liu’s boss. After many people inquired, Liu Bo Linked to the pig farm technology Yang Teacher Yang, and Teacher Yang went to the pig farm. After the diagnosis is poisoned by mold toxin, so that Liu Boss changed new feed, feeding the sow while adding good Deathiliary agent, and with bile acid according to 500 g of feed, for about a week, the sick pig’s feed is slowly recovered, and the mental state is also good! After using more than half a month, the tear spots is disappeared! Although Liu Boss’s blunt, although the row is poor, the pig farm care is really unable to lack. Once the pig is a disease, the treatment cost is too high, the key is also damaged the health of pigs, affecting the use of the mother pig! Bile acid is really a good product, you have to prevent health every month later! Almost every person who knows a little about the aquaculture that mold toxins have always been generally in pig feed, which is inevitable, so the pig group is prone to the phenomenon of mold toxin, so how to prevent a pig field toxin problem? The basic principle of mold toxin prevention and control is to reduce intake. 1. Suspected that it is a feed, and then stop feeding the fills of metastasis and modify the new feed. It is best to take the feed sample to test. 2. Use the additive of liver detoxification, reduce the burden of the sow, and repair the liver damage. It is recommended to add bile acid to the sow to carry out daily health care, 300 g to one ton feed, and treat 500 g of mixing a meal. The main effect of bile acid in the pig farm: 1. Exhaust toxins and protect the hepatocandry. 2. Quickly repair the damaged liver 3, promote the digestion of fat, fat – soluble substances. In treatment, the liver of bile acid can rapidly discharge toxins in the liver and reduce liver damage! In the post-illness recovery stage, bile acid can quickly restore the appetite of pigs, improve the feeding capacity and digestion of feed, so that the pigs quickly resume growth! 3, sick pigs also need muscle injection or add an appropriate amount of antibiotics in the feed to prevent secondary infection, alleviate the symptoms such as spiritual depth, nephonia, edema, bleeding, and diarrhea. 4. Add effective mold inhibitors and debris to feed. 5, to ensure that the warehouse is ventilated and dry to prevent the feed mold.
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