What should I do?

timg (3).jpg Some people sleep, like to say dreams, molars, and even sleepwalking, in fact, pet dogs have similar situations. For example, some groups of dogs have a habit of molars when they are sleeping. Many parents of the initial feeding bungee are unclear what is going on. I don’t know what the reason is caused by the pirate grinding. Of course, I don’t know what to do with this situation.

Sometimes the dog sleeps to mobly, because it is dreaming. If parents can determine that the dog is molar when doing a dream, there is little time, then parents don’t have to worry about this. However, if the rag dog is often tempered, in addition to sleeping, there is this situation when they wake up during the day, then parents should pay attention.

In general, the bitch molars are caused by calcium deficiency in body. Of course, we must know more accurate answers, then it is still necessary to take a pet dog to the pet hospital, do a physical examination, and implement a targeted treatment after confirming the patient.

If it is determined that it is calcium deficiency, then according to the situation of the dog’s lack of calcium, it makes it calcium. Light deficiency calcium can be gradually completed by calcium supplementation; if the calcium deficiency is more serious, it is necessary to combine food calcium and drug calcium supplementation. In addition to reducing nutritious foods, you can prepare some pills prepared for calcium. At the same time, you can also bring a bizier to sunbathing, which will more help to absorb its body to calcium nutrition, reaching the purpose of truly calcium.

In addition to calcium deficiency causes the pirate molar to teeth, the dog is in the transit teeth, and there are parasites such as parasites in the body, or may result in the behavior of the gough of the pirate. To this end, when the Big dog is changed, you can prepare some specialized bite, let it bite at any time. As for the parasite, it is necessary to regain the deworming in the born dog to ensure that the bodies are healthy and avoiding molars.

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