What should I pay attention to when breeding puppies in diet?

QQ截图20210113150418.jpg The growth and development of young dogs must provide enough and balanced nutrition. In terms of diet, the demand for puppies and adult dogs is very different. Let’s take a look at the related analysis of this article.

First, the puppies are different from those dogs. When the puppies just bought, the feed in the initial period of time must be carefully deployed.

In nutrients, nutrients such as animal proteins, calcium, and vitamin D are important, because it is generally a year to one year old to grow up every kilogram of puppies. The demand in Calories is twice as many as the dog. Therefore, in the process of growth of puppies, it is best to match the right nutrition feed, or simply buy dog ​​feed for balanced nutritional design produced by manufacturers, can dogs do not have to take feed.

Second, the puppies are very small because of the stomach, so I have to master the principle of eating less food.

In the initial stage of weaning, it should feed four times a day. When it is about six months, it should be guaranteed three times a day. As age increases, gradually decreases to feed twice a day. Each time you feed, you must master the weight, you can’t let the puppy eat too much. Third, try not to feed the puppy to eat some people to eat, the puppy is very simple for eating, and the wolf swallowed, and the wolf swallowed.

The puppy is used to eating something to eat, it will depend on the things you eat. Because the nutritional demand for people eat is different from the nutritional demand of the puppies, the result will cause the nutrient absorption of puppies and affect puppies.

Four, there is also a note that do not feed the puppies with milk or other people with dairy products such as ice cream.

If the puppies eat too much milk or dairy products at a time, gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea will be produced. The born puppy shortly after lacking milk should feed the puppy dedicated milk and heated to the temperature of the body temperature.

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