What should I pay attention to when elderly dog ​​diet?

u=1757800405,177837719&fm=26&gp=0.jpg It is fortunate for dogs that can be raised for more than ten years, because they have a good master who loves them. So when the dog steps into the elderly, the owner will pay more attention to the dog. Their physical function is degraded, accompanied by many old age diseases. Like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. To this end, we will properly adjust it in your diet.

First, salt and fat should be appropriately reduced in the feed, increase protein and minerals with appropriate amounts of minerals. Because the old dog’s teeth and digestive systems are weak, there must be some foods that are more easily digested.

The present pet food manufacturer has a feed supply for the elderly dogs. For old dogs that are too old teeth, if they are worried that the feed is too hard, you can use hot water to foam and feed it. If you eat, the economic conditions are better, you can also choose from canned food. Eat less meals, I better feed 3-4 times a day. Winter can increase the number of feeding to ensure the necessary calories of the old dog. It’s good to be good as good as you treat your old people like your home, so you must have a good news!

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