What should I pay attention to when I need a walk?

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Dogs enter the elderly, although the body can be retired, but the appropriate exercise is still necessary, but walking with old dogs different from young dog We need to pay attention to the following points

1. Walking equipment When you go out, you should prepare a bag with a load of the loading. When the weather is cold, it can be used to use the coat. Don’t forget to take towels. If you snack, you can also bring a small amount.

To stroke the joints of the dog feet and the body to be warm! Let the body warm up, you can prevent injury in walking.

3. Keep the dog more fun to walk more

The game on the way to the old dog, with its vigorous exercise, not as a leisurely walking Suitable for. But if the dog is willing, add the game to play the game on the way to increase the amount of exercise.

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