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According to the rabbit different age, prepare the protein level, reduce energy feed, and require the feed nutrient and easy to digest. Guaranteed to have sufficient green feeding every day, such as grass, green vegetables, etc. The feed should be fresh and clean and clean.
has rich feeding, complete nutrition, proper temperature, and strong autumn and winter. Therefore, formulate rich and rich feed, supply high-quality green, feed timing, quantitative, make breakfast early, feeding, feeding green material, feeding, feeding at night, 5 ~ 6 times, Youth Rabbit 3 ~ 4 times, adult rabbits 2 to 3 times. Supply clean and sufficient drinking water.
Cut the breeding
Grasp the empty rabbit breeding work, check the empty, and timely. Pregnancy and northam rabbits should feed protein, minerals and vitamin rich feeds. Do a good job in the beginning of the rabbit, make up early and wean. Consult QQ: 2627108897
The whole rabbit group
has strong reproductiveness, neat generation, rabbits, rabbits, should be used. Old, weak, sick rabbit should be eliminated immediately. Replenish the rabbit group. Precision can be based on the ratio of water: 100 pounds of water + 2500g glucose + 30g electrolytic multi-dimensional + 15g Ennovia
Jing management
Autumn temperature morning and evening and midday temperature difference, young rabbit is easy to catch a cold, pneumonia , Enteritis and other diseases, severe people will cause death, so group nutritious rabbits should go back to the room every evening, and it is not advisable to make it open. Keep the rabbit clean, quiet. Wash the tank. It is often used to sinister inside and outside the regular disinfection. Rabbit vaccine regularly. Regularly feeding the formation of methoxypyrimidine such as sulfamine in the feed, prevent parasites and other diseases. Consultation QQ: 2627108897
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