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Recently, some breeding friends reacted, and the production of sows. Let’s discuss it together.

The sow produced in the production of sows in several days before the production of sows, especially after the production of sows, also known as postpartum paralysis or paralyzed or production. The main relationship with calcium phosphorus is imbalance or deficiency. After most of the sow, there is a sudden after the limbs, and the loss is difficult or even lying.

First, the cause of sows produce paralysis

1. Owward or lack of calcium phosphorus in the day of the sow

The proportion of calcium phosphorus in the day of the sow is Lack, vitamin D lack, low-magnesia, etc. can accelerate hypocalium, resulting in a sow;

There is a certain vitamin in the diet, such as VB1 lack of plant nerve regulation disorders, causing hind limbs paralysis.

2. Biotin lack of phosphorus VD

Especially after the sow is pregnant, two-thirds of the fetal weight are formed here, and a large amount of calcium phosphorus VD is required. Fetus, if the pig’s body is insufficient, it is easy to cause production. Especially high-yield sows or old-age pigs that are too high.
3. The sow produce is too long, and the physical power consumption is too large

During the production of sows, the production process is too long, the physical strength is too large, causing the lack of nutrients; individual sows appear It is difficult to produce, improper operation or inadvertently, resulting in the phenomenon of hind limb neurratus or ligament strap.

4. Nutritional absorption

In addition, the amount of activity before the sow is not enough or constipation or the amount of benefits of the intestines, the nutrient absorption is not good, the postpartum care is improper, the mother sow is a lotus Eating or nutrients can not cause paralysis.

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Second, prevention measures

1. Strengthen feeding management, before the mother pigs are properlySports, conditional can suck the sun, and ensure that the nutrients in the diet are sufficient.

2. The sow is not good in the birth of the sow, the physical condition is not good, timely symptomatic treatment, and do a good job in the postpartum nursing of the sow to ensure sufficient drinking water. 3. Symptinous treatment of sow produce in time:

a. Western Medical Therapy:

1 Mainly varyla vd VD VD VD VD VD by intravenous infusion.

20 pieces of calcium gluconate tablets, 10 fish liver oil gum pills, once a day, fed 5 to 7 days, while the intramuscular injection is diluted, and the other side is injected with VD-butyl calcium or VB1.
3 feed in the addition of appropriate amount of fish powder, bone meat powder, and bone soup feeding the sow.

B. Chinese medicine treatment:

2 Yishe, 200g of the mother, 1 chicken, first use the water to boil into the mother pig 藤 and the chicken and then stew, The head is not numb, the chicken is separated, and it is feeding.
c. Civil examination:

1 Take a proper amount of gray gray water and stir well, and each time gives birth to the sow, 300 ~ 500ml lime supernatings are mixed into the feed.
2 Feeding Soymilo 3000ml daily, soy milk boil and add 30g of Copyright, 50g Astragalus, for 3 days.
3 Use fresh dog bones to make boiled soup, add bone powder 70g or 50g of calcium hydrogen phosphate, and use 2 to 3 times a day.

The above programs are for reference only, and specifically, according to the actual situation, one or more programs are used in combination, quickly solve practical problems and reduce cultured losses.

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