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As the weather is gradually warming, some clients have improved the problems of feedback sows, especially the sows of the source of sows (breast inflammation, uterine, and milk syndrome).

Today, we mainly talk about the endometritis of sows, the disease is more short to high temperature, but other seasons have occurred. Due to the weather, the bacterial breeding is serious, the physiological characteristics of the sow, the breeding management is not good, exacerbated the disease.

First, the incentives of uterine inflammation

A, the summer high temperature and high humidity, the sow is not in the production process, the delivery is improper; especially the sow’s personal sow , Sow is sour and disinfected, and artificially disinfected is not thorough.
B. The sow is open to the development of the sow, and the invasion of pathogenic bacteria provides favorable conditions, and “take advantage of”, infecting the uterus;

c, the hot stress of the mother pig Insufficient exercise, insufficient drinking water, the production process has led to the production process, and since the lochia and the fetus cannot be discharged in time, the occurrence of uterine inflammation is exacerbated.
D, the sow is in sub-health state, potential immunosuppressive disease such as mold toxins, blue ear, ring, etc., will also exacerbate the occurrence of this disease.
E, clinically commonly infected uterine inflammation:

Adaised red blood cell body, Streptococcus, E. coli, Staphylococcus, Pseudompascine, etc.

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2018-4-11 15:20 Upload Second, clinical symptoms

Endometric inflammation generally refers to the inflammatory response of the endometrium caused by the non-inflammatory inflammation. Improper treatment, it is easy to cause sows to be unsatisfactory, return, and pregnancy.

Acute endometritis:

Sick pigs decline or do not eat, the body temperature increases, arch back, frequent urination, demise, from the maneuvers out of the loch (fetal dress, dead fat Wait, purulent secretion or mucus with blood.
Chronic endometritis:

When sick, the turbid mucosa will flow from the birth of the octave. Even if you can estrus, the sow is easy to make infertility, and some will appear in pregnancy.

Third, Prevention and Control Measures

1, strengthen feeding management, do a good job in disinfection environment hygiene work, reasonable ventilation and cooling, improve the sow immunity, reduce the heat stress of the sow.
2. Do a good job in the job, the sanitary disinfection work in the time of delivery, and find that it is difficult to deal with in time.
3. Do a good job in the management, nursing and anti-inflammatory work after birth. Such as pre-production, adequate drinking water, postpartum drinking brown water, etc.
4. Add Lin Boxamycin or Amoxicillin Mix in the postpartum feed.
5. Do a good job in the prevention of conventional diseases and seasonal diseases, such as the red-backed body in the summer.
6. Find diseases in time symptomatic treatment.

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Treatment plan

a. Clinically commonly used sow uterine uterine uterine uterine uterine uterine uterine uterine uterine uterine uterine uterine uterine uterine, Novolia, Lin Kemycin, cephalosporin, A Moxilin, oxytemithycin, etc. with Houttuynia.
b. Exhaust the uterine abstraves, can be injected in front of the pocket, and the uterine flush (compatibilize).
c. Mixing is given to forest, amoxicillin, etc. D. Infusion:

1. Physiological saline: ampicillin + Houttuynia

2. Glucose: Composite VB + VC

3. nitazoxanide

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