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What to do if the pig does not eat food, how to regulate? Breeding household pig factory, if there is a pig’s non-food status, it can try to carry out the nutrients: 1. When it is not good to improve a little hot pig, he feed some white pepper, and the soup is very reasonable. Because of white pepper, Tiantian peppers with spicy flavor, and stimulating, there is a lot of porcine, thereby accelerating intestinal gastrointestinal motility, enhancing digestive absorption work ability. Especially the milk secretion of pigs add a small amount of white pepper, but can not only improve the feeding of pigs, but also reduce the prevalence of piglets, and promote the purity of pigs. Second, feed a little sweet in the pig’s fine feed to add an appropriate amount of human sugar, fattening pigs like it, eat hard, feeding pigs more, eat the appetite, avoid falling, weak, etc., can also improve Latex secretion; piglets prefer, not only can survive high, but also early after weaning, it will be significantly improved. Generally, each kilogram is added to 150 to 200 mg. There is a standard in the spring, summer, early autumn, add some white sugar, early spring, residual flowers and winter add some old brown sugar, add 1 ~ 3 grams per kilogram, the actual effect is better than artificial sugar. Third, then say a little salty in the pig daily food (no more than 6 grams per day), can promote the pig’s base metabolism and hair, improve the water per day, improve the fineness of the fine feed, and improve the appetite, Promote digestion. Fourth, don’t forget to add acid, each kilogram of fine feed, add 10 ml of edible vinegar (water dilution can also be), stir well, not only pigs like, promote digestion, due to carbohydrate, etc., etc. Very good, but add the amount unsuitable.
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