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It is prone to young chickens in the process of some young chicken farms. Youth chickens are sick and hurt, and they are divided into mutual anus, wings, 趾 and 啄 啄. The phenomenon of being analus, wings, toe and 啄 in the young chicken group is generally more common in the case of improper feeding management. In general, the phenomenon will happen when the chicks are left around 4 weeks. If you don’t make a timely, effective measures will soon spread, spread, develop into a root-root spread, it will cause a lot of death when it is serious, it is difficult to stop. Therefore, once you find young chickens, you should fully check the feeding management situation, analyze the main reasons to take countermeasures in time.

The reason why usually causes meal, I am listed in the following:

(1) Insufficient protein content in diet, especially lack of animal protein.
(2) Vitamin or green feed is missing.
(3) Insufficient content of calcium, phosphorus or salt content in feed.
(4) Feed is not enough, the feeding interval is uneven, and the fiber content in the feed is too small or feeding particle feed shortens the feeding time.

(5) The ventilation in the chicken house, too high, the ground is humid, the density is too large, the light is too strong or the water supply is insufficient.
(6) Different varieties, different ages, and different graphics, different cages. (Youth Chicken Price)

In order to prevent the occurrence of these phenomena, pay attention to the following work in daily feeding management:

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(1) In the feed, animal feed should account for 5-10%; increase the ratio of sulfur-containing acid, and maintain the crude protein maintained 18 20% in chick feed, maintain 14 16% in young chicken feed, minerals Feeds should account for 34%; salt content accounts for 0.3 0.5%; green feed or hay powder is also fully supplied or supplemented with vitamin additives. Serving a pellet feedAt the time, the thick fiber content is appropriately improved, so that the fullness of the fullness of the chicken digestive tract is maintained.

(2) The temperature and density in the huthouse should be appropriate. The problem is encountered on the road to add WeChat 15726200639 to solve it! The ground should be dried, and the grass is changed. Ventilation should be good, drinking water is fully supplied, and inner light is not strong, you can make the flock to see eating and drinking water. (Youth Chicken Price)

(3) Different varieties, different ages and strong different chickens are not yet. It is necessary to carry out maid-legged work as soon as possible, and the male and female chickens are born.

(4) Set the sandbath in the hill house or in the sports field, or hang the green feeding in the sports field, bonts to increase the activity time of the chicken, and reduce the opportunity to eat each other.

(5) If the main reason for determining the above untenless is that the feeding salt content is insufficient, the content of the salt can be increased to 1%, and then fed 4 for 4 days. But the amount of feeding and feeding must be strictly grasped to prevent salt poisoning.

(6) A chicks 6-9 days after the shell are discretly, and thoroughly prevent the above 啄. When you have the above unuse of defense in the chicken group, emergency measures should be taken for prevention and treatment. For those who have been bleeding, it is necessary to apply the color of the color that is dark and odor, such as purple hydrazine, ozone or fish. For chickens that have been injured, they should be taken from the group in time, separately feeding, and then put in large groups after the wound heals!

What to do with each other

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