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Where is the advantage of yourself, which is the nutritional demand for rabbits, which is suitable for rabbits, and the rabbit’s pre-mixing minimalist:
First, you can completely according to the nutrition of rabbits. To formulate feed, and buy the feed quality is difficult to ensure that in order to reduce the cost of the cost, many feed manufacturers have to use inferior feed raw materials in order to reduce costs, and even use some processing by-products to replace beans.
Second, if it is ingredients, once the rabbit is sick, it can be added to the material at any time. It is difficult to do this.
The third is that the processing feed can make full use of the surrounding forage, feed resources, greatly reducing the cost of breeding. If the green feed is pressed directly into the granules, the rabbit loves to eat, and nutrients are rich.
The fourth is that the processing of feed can apply advanced production technology at any time, keeping the pace of scientific development, and constantly improving product quality. And buying the current feed has lost these initiatives.
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