Where is the chicken disease?

The chicken friends think that chickens are normal, just like people who eat grain mixed grains. But everyone considers why the country will get sick, what are the causes of chickens? Let’s talk about how the chicken is coming.

1, pathogenic microorganisms,
pathogenic microorganisms include viruses, bacteria, fungi, chlamydia, mold, etc., is the most important cause and source of chicken. Many pathogenic microorganisms have always exist in the environment. Once the chicken is resistant, these pathogenic microorganisms present in the environment will cause some diseases to occur. Like common flu, branch, throat, and new city diseases are caused by viral infections; like large rods, white diarrhea, cholera belong to bacterial infection; like slow calling is caused by mycoplasma.

2, nutrition metabolism,
Improper feeding management during the chickens, causing nutritional metabolism to cause normal disease. Like a flock, it is caused by mutual mutual, and the night blindness is caused by the lack of nutrition or imbalance in the feed.

3, poisoning,
common poisonous environment in an environment, poisoning caused by carbon monoxide; the most common in the feed is mold toxin, salt poisoning; the most common is sulfone Class drug poisoning. The condition of poisoning does not have multiple, but once the resulting loss is unmeasureable, it can be detoxified with a large number of VC plus glucose. Therefore, be cautious, careful, and ask more during the breeding process.

4, parasites,
some insects are parasitized to cause the disease in the body. The most common is that coccidia, it is divided into small intestine coccidi and blind cushi, and friends who have raised chicken do not understand it. There are also some in vivo parasites, such as nematodes, tapesters, and insects, etc.

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5, stress,

stress is the source of the disease. The pathogenesis of the chickens and should not be related. For example, environmental changes, temperature changes, heat stroke, immunity, start, etc. will cause a large stress to the chicken group.If you should have a big bigger, the heavier the chicken disease is, and some other chicken disease will be sent.

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