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Shandong Zhenghong Pastry Bull and Sheep and Sheep Breeding Base is a livestock breeding base designated by Shandong. This base is responsible for conveying the transfer of meat mutton mutton in all parts of the country, and assumes the insurance, introduction, improvement, replacement, breeding,

promotion work, the farm is the city. “Farming Faucet Demonstration Enterprise”. Here: Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Fujian, etc. More than 10 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions,

Transport a large number of high quality varieties.

Several domestic cattle, donkeys, and sheep prices, etc., will continue to be optimistic. The cattle, straw, corn straw, straw, wheat straw, bean straw, peanut, sweet potato, etc., and these are the best feeds of cattle and sheep,

farming is equal to Use the grass to change meat, use abandoned straw for money. The government advocates, local support, so the aquaculture industry is a shortcut to develop rural economies and guide farmers. We are an open platform, a place to achieve dreams,

We sincerely welcome you to visit Shandong and create brilliance together. Raising the Nursing Yangn and homes in the animal husbandry industry is relatively good and safe.

raising sheep, raising cattle, raising market, raising sheep, raising cattle, raising profit analysis. Farming cattle and sheep It is better and guaranteed in the livestock industry. It is very unstable to see the pigs and chickens. And the cow and sheep, but it has been stable.

There is no change in a very abnormal price of call. The price has been more stable, and the disease of cattle and sheep, the disease is low, which also reacts their farming benefits. At present, the cattle, and sheep are vigorously promoted in the country.

The prospect of cattle and sheep is very optimistic. The cattle and sheep is a ruminant. The cattle and sheep eat the grass, and there is a ruminant, reversing, and has low disease probability, so it is better than raising pigs. In addition, cattle and sheep is mainly based on crude feed, low cost.

From the actual situation of our country, the food utilization rate is high, and the straw utilization of food crops is low, which is also for development.Cattle, raised sheep, and the rare is provided.

We have won the majority of cattle and sheep friends with their scientific management, excellent varieties, reasonable prices, good reputation. Rust and praise. We will always adhere to the principle of “use our sincerity exchange for your assured”, returning to society, serving society.

We sincerely welcome animal husbandry, experts, experts, and people who can speak to Shandong tourism, guidance, investigation and introduction, add to the ranks of nursing cattle, let us hand, heart, common Develop the animal husbandry of the motherland.

Company business philosophy: Be a friend, do business; integrity forever, mutual winning. Gathering the animal husbandry Junyan, collecting people in the world. I don’t know when I am, and I am like a brother. I am happy, I am relieved, I am satisfied, it is the principle of Zhenghong Pastor.

Since its establishment, the company has continued to grow and grow, and it has become one of the meat cattle and sheep farming base. Let you be satisfied, achieve the brilliance of Zhenghong Poveup, also help you embark on a shortcut.

Shandong Zhenghong animal husbandry cattle and sheep breeding base solemnly promises:

1. Guarantee the quality of customers, the customer selected for each customer The cattle and sheep seedlings, we ensure the purity of the variety, with strict files, and each other. If there is a chaos in the introduction process, all the losses of customers are borne by our field.
(can sign a quality contract)

2, customers can choose freely, free pricing; with customer satisfaction. True to make 100% satisfied with cattle sheep.
3, our field is a national general quarantine, transportation procedures and livestock certificate for the purchase of cattle and sheep. Let the buying cow sheep, truly.
4, our field provides transportation vehicles for buying cattle and sheep, and sent yourself safe to home.
5, customers who come to me to buy cattle and sheep seedlings, provide free accommodation, do our best to reduce the inconvenience of customers in different places.

6, there is a professional car and the car, so that there is injury, death, and disabled cattle and sheep seedlings returned, timely handling, and losses.
7, if the purchase of meat cattle and sheep seedling business volume is large, the number is more than 20 (including 20), and I have a mower and pasture seed.
8, before pre-sales, sale, after-sales, one-stop service, make the farmer truly rest assured, worry, to ensure that you have successful cultivation!

9. Our field of professional technicians regularly sell early cattle and sheep, and vaccine to ensure the health of cattle and sheep, and the reputation of our field. The customer is initially breeding, and the animal husbandry can follow the guide free of charge,

Buy more than 30 free guidance for 10 days, buy more than 50 free guidance 15-30 days.
10, free to teach scientific breeding technology, technicians and consulting services, giving internal “Nursing Bull and Sheep Efficient Feeding Technology” and (including VCD) CD-ROM data and internal feed formula. Make sure you have successful breeding, get rich!
11, this is the fixed-point unit of provincial poverty alleviation, so the farmers in this field can enjoy the national “buy cow sheep free transportation fee policy”, and if you purchase 20 heads on this More than 30 farmers above (including 20) sheep are free to ship, cash on delivery! !

Field Tel: 18375472077

Office Phone : 0537-6788655

Online QQ Consultation: 695461012

Telephone 15553741335 South Korea (senior animal husbandry)

Address: Animal Husbandry Development Zone, Xuji Town, Liangshan County, Jining City, Shandong Province

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