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Shandong Zhenghong animal husbandry cattle and sheep and sheep breeding base supply Simmental cattle, Limuzi, Charlota, Rusi Bull, improved meat, shelf, hilariy Goat, Bai goat, sheep, pregnant sheep, seed sheep; meat, Texas, 驴, 驹 and other quality products.

Provides free offering cattle technology, beef cattle prices, cattle costs, raising cattle profits, and rapid money to make money. Provide a large amount of information and techniques for your development of aquaculture industry. And provide meat price, beef cattle breeding and beef cattle breeding technology, small-tailed cold sheep farming and breeding technology beef cattle farming prospects,
meat cow variety introduction and explanation.
[Get rich projects] my country’s livestock farming industry is the most stable and developed. But choosing the chart of cattle and sheep into the problem of farmers, because there is too much in Shandong farming cattle and sheep, everyone wants to find a regular farm, but no one knows which of the farms, what documents Of course, it is a regular farm,
But the character is the most important, I think people are really, the manufacturers who have made are really a true regular, in order to truly let farmers rest assured.
[How to choose] 咱 is doing business with people, not to find a regular farm, have a farm with documents, the documents can fake, the character is not, the key is to see what kind of person you look for Shandong farm released a lot of information on the Internet, there is a big bird, there are many birds, and there are many people who are touched fish.
I hope that we will intend to engage in farmers, all the farmers, all the farmers, It is not easy for farmers to make money. Don’t be deceived, come to our farm, first visit, optimistic about my old people, buy seedlings, so as not to have worries! !

On the phone, the price on the Internet is cheap, the person contacting people, it is a waste of time, the phone bill, because you can’t see the real cattle and sheep quality, cattle and sheep is a living thing One one, there is no two kinds of sheep, it is unlike goods, the machine has models, how much is the model,
明码 规, cattle and sheep must see the real thing, personally pick Buy, whether it is the product, machine or cattle and sheep is quality.
One point price, the price is cheap in the online or phone, the quality is good, all of the fool, you have to know who is lost, no one isIf you don’t make money, no one will pay attention to it. The cattle and sheep have the same market price as other items. There will be too much difference across the country. Please don’t be cheap,
to avoid it, I will not say flowers. , Bragging, fake, no one, what is the meaning of it. As we all know, farming industry pigs, chickens are the most unstable market, cattle and sheep farming is not affected by the season, can be raised in four seasons a year. Nowadays, the home of the regular factory is now regular quarantine and epidemic prevention.

Meat, breeding

Meat, a far-breeding prospects, “1 year can be 3,000 ~ 4,000 yuan. Is herbalism, good adaptability, strong disease resistance, easy management, grazing And the circle is, it is very suitable for farmers’ feeding. The source of breeding feed is wide. Even if the pasture is lacking, it can also make full use of straw, food, food, etc. The beauty of the meat is quite favored by consumers. The meat is selling well in China, the foreign trade export is also – straightforward. One meat price is 10,000 ~ 12,000 yuan, if processed into canned meat,
sauce meat When the food can increase the value of 2 to 3 times. It is a wide range of 驴. It is the raw material produced by Chinese herbal industry and light industry. It has been in short supply, but also a good helper for mountains, hilly, plowing, pushing. Related Experts said that compared with breeding cattle, sheep, pigs,
raise the face, less investment, high efficiency. With the improvement of living standards and the improvement of quality of life, food safety has become a point of attention, both Sudan Red duck eggs, or more treasure fish incidents, let everyone tighten food safety.
Now the chicken pork on the market contains a lot of hormones, not only is good, but also a lot to the human body. Dinner. So green food has become a promotional goods in major supermarkets, although the price is not, it is still in short supply.

The meat is not a growing cycle of green food, and more stock is mainly, It is a circle, and it is also a pasture or a straw, and then equipped with corn powder soybean meal and other feeds. Such meatballs are stronger, the disease resistance is good, the adaptive strong meat has high nutritional value.
So the meat is well deserved Green meat. The meat is not only green meat food, but also high nutrition, compared to beef, lamb, pork, etc., but the meat does not stand out,And nutritional value is much higher than they,
Please look at the contrast of meat and beef mutton and pork: second
The amount of trace elements in the meat is relatively high, the sheep, the pork is relatively high, vitamin content and Cow, sheep, pork. If the iron content in the meat is 43 μg / g,
and the beef is 30 μg / g, the mutton is 19 μg / g, the pork is 14 μg / g
; the zinc content in the meat is 42.60 μg / g, cattle, Sheep, the zinc content in pork is 33 μg / g, 30 μg / g, 18 μg / g. Third, the muscle fibers in the meat in the meat have a fine diameter of 33.34 μm, thin in pig, cow, and the root per mm3 muscle fiber is 600.23.
Through the above analysis, the meat is compared with beef, pork compared, its amino acid, unsaturated fatty acid, trace element content is higher than the latter, while cholesterol, fat content is lower than the latter, the number of muscle fiber per mm3 Most, the muscle fibers are finest. See it, not only delicious,
and nutritious. The flesh market is broad, and our country is now a flesh, and now it is a road that makes a fortune, according to expert analysis, will continue to rise.
Third, the use of value is said that there is a meat in the sky, which is that the nutritional value of the meat is high, from the value of my donkey, the donkey is a treasure. The donkey after slaughter, the meat is used to make delicacies, and its bone is used to make bone flour,

The skin is used to refine the glue. From the analysis of feeding costs and its own value, the donkey does have a high feeding value.

At the same time, the meat has health care functions such as blood, Yiqiqi deficiency. The wind of the food is also in Guangdong, Guangxi, Shaanxi, North
Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong and other places, it indicates that the development of meat has great potential.
According to the analysis, 18.6 grams of protein per 100 grams of meat, 0.7 grams of fat, 10 mg of calcium, 144 mg, iron, iron 13.6 mg, effective nutrient ingredients are not asia, rabbit, dog, etc., is typical High protein, low fat meat food.

[Doing a conscience business for high quality cattle and sheep, on-site inspection is more than three stocks] [|. The same price is better than quality. | |. Similarly, we are more services. | |. Serving us than reputation. |]
Service tenet: 10,000 heads (only) Niu Yang let you choose, satisfied with payment, first-class management system, perfect pre-sales, sale, after-sales service will make you more satisfied. Accessibility is the fate, cooperation is wealth! The people are passenger, visit also welcome!
We can’t let you get rich overnight! But you can give you a stable income!
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