Which dogs are suitable for babells

src=http___img1.99114.com_group10_M00_FB_C7_rBADslooynWAYI_GAAGWaGbj2xc345.jpg&refer=http___img1.99114.jpg Give the dog out of the door. On the bell is not only cute, but some people who are afraid of dogs can also play a certain warning. Tell you today, which dogs are suitable for the bells.

1, I like my dog ​​

Some dogs like to let go of the traction rope while walking, let the dog you have If you live in the local people, there is a small number of this strip

, of course, it is also possible.

It is also true that I am also very: I like to let the dog come to walk. At this time, you can let you know the dog’s

to go, don’t have to stare at it every time. If the evening, the bell can avoid the loss of dogs to the bell.

2, there are people who are very afraid of dogs near the home

If your home is very afraid of a dog, it is advised you to bring a dog. Bells, let people who are afraid of dogs can know that dogs are going to pass in advance

In fact, no matter whether they are not raising dogs, everyone needs to respect each other, this does not mean that you have to move them, you are not obliged to move.

The same, people who don’t like dogs don’t have to move, so the best way is that everyone is far away, and there is no one.

3, the movement sluggish dog

This dog is usually large, usually because there is no aggressive, no rope is holding yourself. The chance is relatively high, their listening Many of the power is not very good, some dogs have already heard the sound, this time we need to pay attention to them.

Give them a bell is also to avoid disappearance, but this time is not a dog rush to the front. It is not because of the backward

too far or did not hear the main The call is lost.

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