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First, pay attention to love and nutrition. The female rabbit should maintain a seven-eighth. In order to keep the rabbit’s proper love, it must be reasonably matched to feed, pay attention to nutrition, especially the green feed. Rabbits to excessive fertilizers should reduce the fine feed, feed more green feed, and strengthen sports.
Second, pay attention to emotional and breeding. For the long-term unsophisticated female rabbit, you can rush through the rabbit, climb the stimulus, and promote its estrus. It is also possible to add an aphrodisia to the female rabbit feed, and use a method of blending or double mating, improve the fetus rate and productivity of the rabbit.

Third, pay attention to increase the nutrition of pregnant female rabbits. After 15 days of female rabbits, the fetus growth rate is accelerating, and the female rabbit is nutritious. At the same time, the feed should be cleaned, fresh, not feeding overnight wet grass, dew, acid alkaline and mildew feed.

Four, pay attention to the tire. Don’t touch the fetus at will, so as not to cause abortion, death, etc. Touching the tires is preferably carried out 12 to 15 days after breeding. Keep the environment around the rabbit is quiet, strictly forbidden, noisy, firecrackers, etc.

Five, do a good job in preparation. In the first 3 to 4 days before the origin of the rabbit, the faster is moved to the eloquent, quiet, warm, safe rabbit house, and clean, disinfect the nest box, put the tanning soft grass, pads, etc. In the box.

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