Which foods can you eat?

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Looking at the poodle of others has a beautiful, fluffy, shiny hair, and the heart always envy and hate. After returning home, I will talk to my friends. I will consult my friend. When the VIP can eat something can be beautiful, which food will be better to the VIP hair?

First as a dog parent, we It should be clearly known that the nutrients needed for dog hair health growth. Studies have found that this requires sufficient protein nutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and the like are indispensable.

From the aspect of food nutrition, you can provide enough protein to the Poodle. The best source of nutrients such as eggs, rice, cheese, and meat. In addition to choosing these foods, there are many parents who choose some salmon, pure natural seaweed, and professional beauty grains to help the poodle.

In addition to some foods, many parents are a professional dog food to feed VIP dogs. Generally speaking, some nutrients needed for dog growth in professional dog food. But to the Poodle Mao, first, you should still start from diet management. In addition to preparing some nutritious foods rich in protein, vitamin E, you can usually bring your sun in the sun, more comb. Promote the blood circulation to help improve the effect of beauty.

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