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Summer and autumn season, leaving rabbit is an important way to solve feed supply. Several commonly used leaves are introduced as follows, for the broadcaster of rabbit farmers and professional households:

1, hirginia leaves. The acnegacteria is a bean department, its nutrients are rich, fooled, can be dried, and it can be dried as a leaf powder. It is rich in protein and calcium, which is a rough feed of rabbits. It should be widely collected and used in the summer and autumn season.

2, purple raviles. Zipo leaves collect the dried processed into leaf powder, about 20% protein, lysine 1.24%, methionine 0.2%, threonine 0.79%, high nutritional value than alfalfa, easy to collect, cheap, can be used Feeding rabbit. However, in early June, it has been collected as the best, but it can be collected until August. Consult QQ: 2627108897

3, Apple leaf and its branches. Apple’s leaf feed home rabbit is very good, can be fed through the whole leaf, or it can be broken. Apple tree branches, rabbits also like to eat. The apple branches can be folded into the rabbit or cage when feeding. The rabbit has the skill of peeling the bark, and the skin of each branch can be peeled off. Therefore, the apple tree can be used to feed the rabbit every year.

4, mulberry leaves and their branches. Mulberry leaves and their branches can also be used to feed their rabbits. Feeding is the same as apple leaves and branches. Sang Yuli is the remaining part of the silkworm, and its nutritional value is still very high, and it is also possible to feed the feed of rabbits. If the quantity can’t be fed, it can be stored in winter feed for winter feed, or it can be pulverized. The frost-free mulberry leaves not only make feed, but also can be used. The cream hulk leaves have a cold, cough, shaking the head, dry and cold, and the redness of the eye has prevention and therapeutic effects, especially the rabbits of heat stroke more obvious effect. Therefore, the folks are called “Sangbao”. The whole leaves can be fed during feeding, and it can also be dried in a mixed feed. Consult QQ: 2627108897

In addition, autumn is a season of sweet potato harvest. At this time, there are many rabbit farmers habitually feed rabbit with sweet potato. In fact, this feeding method is harmful to rabbits. Vitamin E (ie, tocopherol) is lacking in the Sweet Potato Vine. Therefore, when filling rabbits with sweet potato, it is necessary to feed rabbit together with other pastures, and it is best to control each time.% Is appropriate.

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