Which Suple Musa dog and the golden traveler are good?

u=3496293533,2071827796&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Golden Mao and Scottish Shepherd are all very popular pet dogs. Su Mu originated in the Scotland area, and Jin Hair was built by a monarch of Scotland. Scottish Shepherd’s character is called warm, and the golden retriever belongs to one of the three major non-attacking dogs. So Su Musu and Golden Dog, these two different dog varieties, which one is good?

Of course, different people will not be the same. Some people think that the golden hair is better, and some people think that Su Tusu will be better. In fact, no matter what kind of pet dog, there is a problem about good health or don’t raise, it is also larger than the breeder itself.

Simply put, if you are a dog, you have many years of dog experience. And accumulation is rising similar to Su Mu, Jin Mao’s body is large, and the hair is longer than the long dog. So, whether it is Su Mu, or a golden hair, you can raise very well. Moreover, it will not feel effort, hard, or unknown in the process of feeding. u=2246302391,2168831023&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Conversely, if you are a pet new person, there is no detailed understanding for Su Mu, Golden Mao. There is no certain accumulation of knowledge about scientific petition, so that you have other conditions (if you have spacious feeding space, enough economic capabilities), it is not good for golden hair and Su Musu.

Golden Dogs and Supledin Dogs are currently very popular with pet dogs, and there are many families raised. Here, Xiaobian should remind the parents who are preparing to raise Su Pu dog or the golden retriever, do not blindly or to raise their pets. Before formal feeding, you should understand its related knowledge, do it in your heart, but everything is determined, after choosing the Su Musong or Golden Dogs you like.

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