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Bai fox is only once every year, more concentrated in 3 to April, the time is stronger, the technical requirements are higher, the difficulty is large, and it will be empty. Therefore, 518 farmed technology network reminds farming households to strictly master the estrus of the mother, and timely and accurate, and do a good job in the production, ensuring survival, it is very important.
1. Squading
1. Scientific formula, careful feeding: Baihu pregnancy and pregnancy feed must be fresh, nutrition, easy to digest, and strictly forbidden to feed corruption. The quality of feed varieties should remain relatively stable, try not to replace at will, and must be gradually carried out, given a process of habitually adaptation. The animal feed is mainly animal feed, accounting for 70%, main types of small fish, sea hypoa, fishmeal, poultry underwater, etc., supplemented by plant feed, accounting for 30%, main types of corn , Wheat, rice, soy, vegetables, etc., while feeding vitamin A, vitamin E, B vitamins, etc., thereby ensuring full of nutrition. In the birth of Mother Fox, add eggs, milk foods.
2. Adjusting the body condition to ensure that the breeding: the balance of the fox in front of the breeding, the public cava is adjusted to medium orientation before the breeding, and the mother fox is adjusted to the medium-sized situation. It is necessary to prevent the use of hunger to lose weight, this approach has damage to the health. Foxs can’t be more fertilized or thin, the physical condition will affect the development of the female dawn ovary follicle, which affects the number of ovoes, reducing the number of tires and the number of people. Emotional premature situation is good, not fat, no longer, breeding, smooth, and good.
3. Master your estrus, do a good job: on late February, you will have a regular fox to make estrus, and you have a number in your heart. When the mother fox is estrus, the god is extremely uneasy, and the genital red is turned into an oval. The vaginal flows out of a thick white secretion, in the cage, the appetite is reduced, the peese is frequent, the color is light yellow, with the tongue vaginal, constantly Send a rush of screaming. Put your estrus, in the public cage, Mother Fox quietly waiting for Gonghu climbed, standing and stable, the rear limb isched, the tail is taking the side, close to the bite, this is a breeding good chance. After the first mating, Mother Fox will be completed immediately, generally mate 2 to 3 times during the estrus. The essentials of the breeding of the mother fox are the phenoli “pink early, purple black late, dark red breeding is suitable”. At this point, you should do a good job in breeding records and do a good line of relationship.
Second, the boyfox care
1. Swing time: Pearl growth and development is very fast, generally in the 45th age, Peari can’t be too early or late, and early division is weak because of the independent life ability of Peari, affecting its growth and development, easy to cause disease Even death; after the evening, the fox will eat manure and deteriorate food, add the nutrition required for the milk for the late birth of the mother-in-life, and wear the full price of the full price, which will help the growth rate of Peari fox. . It can usually be selected from the piglet, the body, the body is large, and the ability to eat strong feeding is first, and the weak temporary leaves to the mother fox will continue to breastfeed for a few days, and the fox is more stronger. The sprinkles 2 ~ 3 are placed in a cage, which is conducive to keep warm, enhance appetite.
2. Preparation: The pregnancy period of the female fox is generally about 52 days. 10 days before the mother fox should be placed in the tank to make it familiar with the environment. The box should be cleaned and disinfected, then the soft pads on the pad, the gaps in the box should be blocked with kraft paper, prevent cold air to invade, to keep insulation. Motherlf and pregnancy and pregnancy have been particularly sensitive to the external environment, and slightly moving will cause irritability. It directly affects the high and low rate of reproduction, so keeps the fox area quiet, fixed feeding personnel, and declined everything Visit.
3. Postpartum care: Postpartum examination is an important measure to improve the living rate of Panto, take the method of listening, seeing, and examining. If the boy is rarely screaming or occasionally screaming, the sound is short and loud, the mother’s appetite is good, the nipple is full of red and full, indicating that Peari is good health. When the first check, when the mother-in-life is lack of milk or a lotic, you can raise the piglet. It should be a small child, the nipple is more, the milk is full, and the time is close. When recurring, the pigs that need to be recovered will be placed directly in the parent-raising. (518 farmed technology network finishing release)

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