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Golden Hair:
Golden Mao Dog, English Name: Golden Retriever. Height: 55-61 cm, weight: 27-34 kg, also known as golden hound or golden druel. Originally produced Scottish, the ancestors should have a snowdog, hunting dog’s blood. The dog is a large dog, the body is uniform, the eyes are moderate, the spacing is wide, deep, and the eyes are good. The best eye is dark brown. The pizza is well grown well. The short-haired layer is growing well. The outer layer is tough, close to the body, vertical or elastic, but will not have a crystal or silk feel. Head, foot palm and forelifery is short; the back and abdomen length of the forelimb have a burger; neck, thigh back and tail inner side are dense. The hair color is emitted from different colors, the fur and tail, etc., the fur, etc. can be more light.
Different Golden Mao, especially like near-water, any climate can swim in the water, and is deeply loved by hunters. After years of evolution, it has a clean and lover, a good characteristic of the children, and has gradually developed into a wide popular family dog, and gradually develops a popular family dog, and has gradually developed into a wide popular family dog. Amazing point.
Main use: Help fishermen

originated from: 19th century. From Newfoundland, it is a good helper to pull the Internet from the local fishermen. In addition to the hound as a hound, it can be trained as guided dogs for reconnaissance explosives. In addition, it is also a common partner dog.

Labrador Retriever is a strong structure, medium body, engaged short dog, his health, and a good structure have made him become a prey Gunbet; His physical fitness and rugged structure make him work in a hard condition, long-term work for hunting a water bird or hunt in the hills; characteristics and quality is the key to winning in the game; his temperament also Suitable for a family partner. Body faces and intellectual features show that he cultivated in different environments that pursued the search.

The unique character of Labrador Retriever is that they are short, strong and resistant to harsh climate conditions; a “otter” tail; the head is clear, the brain is wide, the end is moderate; powerful Javs; and “sharp” and friendly eyes, characteristics are obvious, smart and temperament.

The first is the overall condition, oneLabrador Retriever should be very coordinated, no effort or only need to work hard, you can walk in the game or work outside. And there is a guide, typical Labrador Retriever has elegant quality, but not more exquisite, good physical fit, but not rough or rustic. The Labrador Retriever is earliered as a torque of work use, so structural and stable are critical.

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