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With the rise of the aquaculture, some beef cattle farmers do not understand the knowledge of breeding. When the beef cattle is feeding pig feed, resulting in the phenomenon of “supporting”, such feeding methods is very unscientific. When you raise the beef cattle, you must use cattle feed to feed. Let’s tell everyone what is the disadvantage of the pig feed.

Some pig feed ingredients also have calcium phosphate, stone powder, vitamin, copper sulfate, sulfate and other components, which are different from general ordinary feed, which is not suitable for feed cattle. of. We all know that the stomach structure of the cattle is very different from the pig. If you fed this pig feed, the ingredients in the feed were precipitated in the stomach of the cow, resulting in a slow and clogging of the rumen, and the serious words may endanger The life of the beef cattle.

Nutritional characteristics of beef cattle, the nutrition of beef cattle According to its growth law, the entire growth process is divided into two periods, namely, the growth period and fertilizer period, different periods of meat nutrition.
1. Growth period
The meat is born into two phases, that is, the first birth to September and July until December. The growth period is growing rapidly, the protein metabolic intensity is large, the protein, moisture, minerals in the body is more, and the fat deposition is less. Due to high nutritional levels, the growth period is rapid, and the preferences of nutrients should be guaranteed, especially protein, minerals, and vitamins. Generally, the coarse protein content of the day is 14% to 19%, and the total digestion is divided into 68% ~ 70%. The food intake control is controlled by 1.2% to 1.5% weight, and the crude feed is free to eat, and the daily weight is 0.7 ~ 0.8kg.
Studies have shown that when the bull body is more than 200kg, the required energy should be determined by the number of proteins and the results of the synthetic bacteria protein. With the increase of grain energy (increased from 25.1 mJ / kg to 46.0 mJ / kg), the weight of 100 ~ 275kg nature increased from 14g to 43 g, indicating that the bacterial protein synthesis requires energy. Studies have found that the number of proteins from the weight of 130 to 270 kg and feed utilization is not the constraint. Increase the number of provetertroids in the feedIt does not improve the fattement of the beef cattle. Corn silage is a better feed for the growth period. Alfalfa is beneficial to the formation of beef marble pattern, but can increase the deposition of fat.
2. Fertilizer period
Bumberry fertilizer period is divided into fertilizer (13 to 18 months age) and fertilizer period (18 to 24 months). This period of nutrients is high energy of low protein to meet the deposition of the muscle fat, forming the needs of marble pattern. In the early days of fertilizer, restrictions on the maximum growth of muscles, the fine material control is 1.7% ~ 1.8% weight, and the crude feed is free to eat, which generally accounts for 57% to 49% of total feeding, 28. % ~ 24%, daily increased by 0.9 ~ 1.0kg. The study of the addition of crude feed in the submerged diet of the fertile cow, and when the day, when the day is 30% green straw, it has no effect on the production, such as the straw content exceeds 45% a 50%, the production performance is lowered, the slaughter period is extended and the slaughtering performance is reduced. .
There is a study that 2% ~ 4% of fat added 2% to 4% of the food, which is given to low quality crude feed (62% to 76%), which can increase the feeding and digestion. The amount of energy can not affect the digestibility of nutrients; however, when the amount of fat is more than 6.3%, the total energy dissipation rate of dry matter and organic matter and the digestibility of acid washing fibers are decreased. In the late fertilizer, all feeds were free to eat, especially should increase the feed, which generally accounted for about 1.8% of weight, and the crude feed intake accounted for 34.6% ~ 31.0%, Japan G weight 0.7 ~ 0.8kg.

Some technical experts pointed out that many farmers are wrong to feed livestock feeding as universal feed, such feeding methods is very unscientific. Different kinds of livestock poultry can not be fed with the same feed, otherwise the utilization rate of feed will be significantly declined, and a nutritional disease will result in a nutritional disease in livestock and poultry. It is recommended that feed business households should guide the use of feeds in farmers in selling feed, so that the healthy growth of livestock and poultry can be better.

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