Why can’t the dog play stick?

u=2142368196,3228130818&fm=26&gp=0.jpg 1. Why can’t the dog can play stick?
Your dog likes you lose Stick or bite it? Many dogs love this. We can always see the dog’s mouth in the park or beach, I am very worried whenever I see the dog when catching up or biting a wooden stick, because I often encounter something because of playing sticks in the hospital. The injured dog.

I saw a lot of dogs in the pet hospital because of hurting a wooden stick, the most serious or even killed. This is true, and it often happens. But you don’t need to worry too much, as long as you do some simple protective measures, you can protect your dog from harm. The following is some of the best ways to protect your dog injury.

First we have to understand how often the wooden stick hurts your dog? The most common reason for dogs playing sticks is to catch up or bite wooden sticks. Generally speaking, because the hurt of the chase is more serious, it is more troubles that bite a stick, and there is a tip of the wood (or other things in the mouth), The wood will also hinder digestion and breathing in the digestive tract and respiratory tract, which is very dangerous, sometimes there will be life hazard.

Second, when the dog bits the stick

Some of the most common

is injured

1. Little wood slag to the tongue, In the throat, or on the gum. 2. Big little wood slice will take the gum or the upper surface, even directly to the upper jaw, this damage will cause very serious damage to the teeth and the jaw, and must be treated.

3. Big big wood chips are swallowed into the digestive tract to cause irritation, bleeding and blocking of the digestive tract. Wood chips in the suction trachea may cause irritation, blocking and infection of the respiratory tract. Such debris also pierces tissue or lung tissue, causing pleural infection or even damage to heart, nerve and blood vessels.

  • The damage caused by sharp wooden sticks directly pierced as follows:
  • 1. Eyes: Wood stick will directly damage your eyes. If the power penetrating is large enough, the wooden stick will also pierce the eye.I hurt the brain of the dog.
  • 2 mouth: Wood sticks to hurt a lot of important organizations in the mouth: tongue, throat, upper jaw, teeth, esophagus, and trachea. These trauma also hurt the nerve and blood vessels on the dog neck, and will damage the dog’s sinus and brain depending on the direction of the puncture direction.
  • 3. Chest: We all know that most important organs of the dog are in the chest, so you can imagine that the hurt caused by the hook into this area will be very serious. In addition to the heart and lungs, there are still many large blood vessels and important nerves in the chest, as well as diaphragm, trachea and esophagus.

  • 4. Abdomen: Wood sticks are directly damaged to multiple visceral organs directly. Usually harmful organs have stomach, liver, spleen and intestines. Worse, sometimes, although the doctors have done their best, there will still be some small wood debris being missed in surgery and take out, because wood, especially some small debris, will not appear in the X-ray. .
  • Third, how to do it
  • 1. Send your dog to pet hospital for examination and treatment. The delay not only does not reduce the pain of the dog and the sorrow of the owner, but also the risk of death. If possible, call the veterinarian in advance to let them understand the situation and prepare it as soon as you arrive.
  • 2. Don’t try to move the wooden stick. It is best to leave the wooden stick in place, hand it over to the veterinarian, so that the veterinarian can see that the hood-in-hunting area can also be considerate. Sometimes put the wooden stick inside can prevent atrophy of bleeding and lungs. The only thing you should do is to stay in place.

  • 3. Be careful not to touch the tip of the wooden stick to other objects when transferring the dog to the veterinarian. Don’t try to break or saw a wooden stick because the vibration may make the wooden stick shift even cause further damage. You can only cut the end of the stick without causing vibration and shift. Wrap the broken end of the stick with T-shirt, towel or soft. This prevents sticks from piercing your dog again to cause greater internal injuries.
  • 4. If the wooden stick is in the chest, when sending a pet hospital, you have to keep the dog’s supine posture, can’t keep the dog side. This is to let the other side of the lung injured in the other side without receiving the damage of the injury.

In short, it is very dangerous to play a wooden stick. If your dog loves to chase the moving thing, for his safety, you can use a safer flying drive to replace the wooden stick, if your dog loves things, you can give him a kraft or dog bite to replace the wooden stick.

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