Why do cats like the sun?

timg (19).jpg In winter, the pet cat in the family always likes to find a sun with a warm place in the balcony, and then quietly squatting, closed his eyes, sleep, no sleep. In fact, all cats are like this, I like to find a sunny place, enjoying a sunbathing. Why does the cat like to sunburn the sun?

Danish scientist Nilles Finns has been studying with the behavior of this love sun in the cat. He found that the cat not only likes the sun, but in the process of enjoying the sunbath, the cat’s body is constantly moving with the sun.

Later, he found that the cat’s sun may exactly use ultraviolet light in the sun, kill bacteria on the body, and achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment. At the same time, there are also studies show that the reason why cats like the sun, because its fur can produce vitamin D after the sun irradiate, and then the cat will like to lick your own hair, and add enough vitamins for the body. Of course, it is also a very enjoyable, comfortable thing in winter, and the cat is naturally like this kind of behavior.

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