Why do cats love to lick?

timg (6).jpg People who raise cats understand that cats are very love to lick, from biological perspectives, cats have the following roles and reasons:

  • First, often licking hair, you can remove those dust dirt on the body, so that cats can remain clean. Moreover, the hair can be better to keep the hair smooth, and there will be no counseling.
  • Second,

  • Cats can also help them alleviate the pressure. For example, after being scolded by the owner, they will silently make the haired action. This is a stable emotional transfer behavior, which is also the most commonly used decompression method for cats. Third,
  • Cat can help the body of the body in the summer. Simply put, the hair that is smashed by the cat, there will be some saliva, and the steamed saliva will take some of the heat on the body, thus achieving the purpose of heat dissipation.

  • Fourth, Pet Cat’s hair on winter, there is also a warm role. Because the cat can use the movement of the hair, you can also help it to maintain body temperature, and achieve the effect of warmth.
  • PS: There is no big deal that the cat is licking. But as the owner still needs attention, be sure to regularly give the cat. Moreover, if you want to observe the situation of the cat, if the cat is frequent, and the hair is falling off, then the owner will pay attention to it. If necessary, still take a cat to the pet hospital to check it out.

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