Why do you know why dogs like planing?

timg (6).jpg Some dogs like shavings after they fame, put the paws dirty, planing their own artillers. Some masters think that the dog will kick the soil after the dog is buried, in fact, it is wrong. If the dog really wants to bury something, it will dig holes and then cover it with the nose.

The reason for the dog is actually due to the natural habits, the purpose is to use the scent to make a marker, and use this way to display its forces. This is very much like a dog with a urine to accounted for a site. You can cover the taste of other dogs, and the dog’s brust has the same function, you can prove that it has been here. The dog has been diapers, and it will be able to expand the things with its smell. And because there is a sweat gland in the dog’s foot, especially when it sweats, you can stay in the soil when you sweat, let other dogs smell, you know that it is the taste, explanation It is its site. That is to say, the action of kicking the soil can strengthen the odor of the dog, expand the range of odors, and emphasize its existence.

Let’s talk about what the dog makes yourself. Which is otherwise, although these smells do not exist at all of our human nose. You should see that the dog is often shaking your body, some people think that the dog is clean, shaking the dust on the hair, in fact, the dog is a taste of the hair and dandruff, the purpose is to Show your own existence. There is also a dog likes to lying down on the grass or roll, which is also a way to let other dogs smell.

For us, the dog is born to kick the soil is actually a more trouble of trouble, because the former claws will be raised on the back claws, and the dog paw sew will enter. Less mud, let the dog’s claws are dirty. So we can stop properly, but it is unlikely that this habit of changing the dog is not much.

Finally, remind the dog’s owner should often give the dog shears the fur, let it kick, if the smell is left, if the hair in the claw is too long not only dog ​​kick When the soil is inconvenient, the soil is also easy to increase the difficulty of cleaning together with Mao.

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