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Newborn Chick One drinking water is called “boiling water”, and the chick can be “boiled”. Under normal circumstances, it is no longer broken water after boiling water. The drinking water required by the chick should be close to the body temperature. If you don’t drink cold, so as not to cool, the body temperature is reduced, and the chicks will prevent the development of chicks or dehydrated, and drink water. Quality should be controlled. The first feeding of chicks is called “open”. After the chicks entered the house, they will give it a drink, which is conducive to promoting intestinal peristalsis, absorbs residual eggping, discharging the fetal manian, and enhances appetite. The chick is preferably drinked into the water within 24 hours after shell, and the chick transported by long-distance transportation should not exceed 36 hours. There is a data report, and the chicks from the shell to the dating time is a key stage affecting the development of freshman chicks. Traditionary chickens always delay the feeding time, think that the egg yolks remain in the chicks can serve as the best nutrient source of new echthorn. Evaluated yolks can maintain the survival of the elderly days after the shells of the chicks, but they do not meet the growth of chicks and the best development needs of the gastrointestinal, cardiopulmonary system or immune system. In addition, macromolecules in the residual eggs include immunoglobulins, using these maternal antibodies as amino acids, and the new chicks have been deprived of the chance of obtaining passive disease resistance. Therefore, the chicks of the feeding night resistors are very poor and affect growth and survival. The chicks will not be more than 24 hours after the shell is out of the shell, and she must never postpone the feeding time, and they will be opened within 3 hours after the initial drink. The breeding of the new school chicks requires first after drinking water. 1, first drinking water is that the chicks are needed to leave the chicks and yellow sacs after shells. Some ovas have not been absorbed. This nutrients in this yolk are the necessary nutrients for eggs, and the slowness of egg yolk is mainly depends on whether there is sufficient drinking water. Therefore, the first drinking water gives a physiological need to effectively accelerate the absorption and utilization of yolk nutrients, and the effect is better to use. Drink water first, more helpful to clean the intestines, discharge fetal fetal, promote the metabolism of chick, can accelerate the transformation and absorption of intra-abdominal yolk, more beneficial to the growth and development of chicks. Otherwise, there is no ovals in the chick, and then rushing to feed, anti-Added the digestive burden on the gastrointestinal tract, which is unfavorable to the wiger. 2, the digestive machine of young chick is weak, the digestive tract is small, weak digestion, the function is not perfect, the animal nutrition (egg yolk) is not easy to digest, the utilization rate is low, the ovals remain in the belly, digestion is completely 3- 5 days. Therefore, the young chicks after shell should not be feeding prematurely, even if they eat too much. Because, chicks are greedy, do not know how hunger, the solution is fixed, regular, quantitative, so as not to lead to digestive disorders. Reasons for choosing young and excellent opening drugs 1: price than ordinary openings 2 3 points, but more than 10,000 yuan will spend more than 2,000 yuan. However, the proportion of the eutaben is reduced, delayed, and the 8 major ingredients can increase the resistance of chicken, and the growth is uniform. These 300 yuan don’t want to take? Reason 2: Effects: After comparing experiments in our nursing, use the average weight, the average weight is more than about 1 or more, according to the price of 3 blocks 78, the price of the broiler, there will be a chicken, more I spent 300 yuan, earn 3 4 hair, which cost? Reason 3: Encyclopedia contains glucose, skim milk powder, VC, etc., Chicken came home only with this medicine, the rest of the goods, avoid the traditional Chinese brooding, adding an opening, plus glucose, plus multi, etc., improper It will be pulined, more convenient to use the eUbus, 1,000 chickens, 2 bags, 4 days 8 bags, drinking water 5-6 hours, the rest of the water, let the chicken have more time to rest, prevent stress generation . Reason: Since the sale, the excellent praise rate has 100%, and even the friends who have raised, they are used very well.

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