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Why caby can become a trend, mainly in the following: water saving, environmentally friendly, production control, efficiency multiplication, simple operation, convenient management. Among them, the most attractive place for farmers is water saving, production controllable and efficiency multiplication.

my country’s traditional breeding model is to dry the pond at the end of the year, and it is not possible to catch all the pond fish. Winter frozen pond, sunning pond, to the second year, it is necessary to water, then stock, change the new water in a pool, raise a pond fish, no water, pollution environment, and farming benefits are not high. Does anyone count, this way, how much water is wasting in aquaculture in aquaculture. After the water purification, the water-saving water-deficient area is used. The maximum characteristics of circulating water farming, water, environmental efficiency.

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One is to produce controllable, traditional breeding model is affected by weather, encounter a rainy day, water dissolved in water, all pond fish May be blind, the loss is a loss. From the operation, it is also troublesome, patrol the Tantang, dredging, now there is no one is willing to do these. News has reported that there is a cultivated household in the feed mill to encourage the Yin Tianzhi to the fish pond, 150,000 pounds of dead fish, purify the water and spend tens of thousands of pieces, and difficult to defend rights. Most of the farmers are farmers, and encounter these unscrupulous merchants who don’t understand technology, it is common. The circulating water fish is not affected by the weather, the water is treated, and it is not introduced into the water, and does not introduce pollution, it will put an end to the occurrence of this problem.

In order to make money, increasing benefits is the final pursuit of farmers in fundamental. The circulating water is hydrolyzed, providing fish to fish, flow rate, water temperature regulates the most suitable temperature of the fish, 3, 4 fish, and high breeding density, the benefits are naturally high.

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