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Protein is a different protein consisting of amino acids, different types and quantities of amino acids; in the amino acid constituting the protein, some are the amino acids you can synthesized by pigs, and some are pigs that cannot be synthesized. The amino acid; the pig can be synthesized and can provide a sufficient number of amino acids referred to as non-essential amino acids, pigs cannot be synthesized or induced, and the amount of amino acid supplied from feed must be referred to as essential amino acids. According to research, there are more than 20 amino acids that make up pig proteins, but there are ten kinds of amino acids, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, histidine, leucine, and brown ammonia. Acid, arginine, stupid, proline.

In this ten kinds of amino acids, there are some amino acids that are most likely to lack; when these amino acids are insufficient, the utilization of other amino acids is limited, and the proteins are not synthesized, and these amino acids are referred to as limiting amino acids.
The restriction amino acid is not unchanged, and changes due to different uses of pigs; such as pigs in the growth stage, lysine is the first restriction amino acid, may be threonine in order; But for empty pigs, methionine may be more important; for high-yielding breastfeeding sows, proline may be most important in addition to lysine.

Further, the order of restrictive amino acids is also related to the feed feedstock; such as high lysine content in soy, the lysine-based feed, lysine may not be the first restriction amino acid; If a corn-based feed, the methionine content is sufficient, and the lysine is insufficient, and the lysine is the first zenic amino acid.
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