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As the saying: “Stress is the source of all diseases.” The so-called stress is a poor feeding management factor. So what are the stress of respiratory disease?

1, the cause of the egg chicken in autumn and winter is the risk of respiratory disease caused by poor feeding management or stress factors. The high and low of feeding management has a great relationship with the strength of the body’s resistance. The heat stress and cold stress should be excited. Thermal stress is due to the high temperature of the chickenhouse, causing the chicken to die, hot paralysis; cold stress is due to the weather temperature rise, the heat source is faulty, the ventilation is too large and the chamber has a thief wind or wear wind causes the temperature , Cause respiratory symptoms such as sneezing, cough.

2, the sunshine is short, and the natural ambient temperature is suitable, and the pathogenic microbial growth in the environment is propagated. In addition to the fall in autumn, it provides a good survival in the pathogenic microorganism, which is the cause of autumn and winter egg chicken.

3, air drying, easily damage to the mucosa of the chicken respiratory tract. This is also the cause of the autumn and winter egg chicken hair.

4, the ventilation, the internal dust and harmful gas content is too high, especially in the end of the broiler, there are many chickens, and there are many feces of the row. If the pad, the feces is not removed, In addition to the increase in the individual, the relative density also increases, so that the source of harmful gases is increased, and if the ventilation is poor, the harmful gas concentration is too high, stimulate the respiratory mucosa, causing respiratory symptoms.

Therefore, we should be in time to ventilate, ventilated, reduce harmful gas content in the house; pay attention to keep your sanitary, bowl, sink, ground, wall, ceiling, and ensure that the chicken has a clean , Hygiene, quiet environment. Reduce the occurrence of respiratory tract. In the treatment, it is ineffective when it is treated, and it is necessary to cooperate with an environmental improvement to achieve good results.

The harm of dust in the chickenhouse and the method of response:
1. The dust in the huthouse is stimulating on the respiratory tract and causes inflammation. The dust is also a carrier that spreads the diffusion of the disease, and the dust in which the respiratory tract can continue to be continuously sent to the pathogenic microorganism into the inflammatory site.

2. Microorganisms attached to the dust can decompose organisms to produce odor chickenA large amount of microorganisms are attached to the dust in the house, which can continuously decompose the organic matter in the dust to produce odor, and the continuous effects of these harmful gases will cause damage to the chicken respiratory system, while the resistance of the disease is reduced.

3. Adsorption of dust in the air of the volatile odor chicken, adsorbed with the unsaturated aldehyde, fecal smell such as cured decomposition of fecal corruption. Therefore, the dust in the chicken house can destroy the health of the chicken body, which is a boost factor of the development of the chicken field.

1. Increase the humidity of the house: by spraying water or combined with the chicken house, using atomized water will adhere the dust, formation A larger particulate matter is larger and accelerated. Depending on the spray speed, the dust concentration can be lowered, but there is also a disadvantage such as humidity, sedimentation dust, and other disadvantages.

2. Controlling: When using the pad, use the wood chips to be smaller than the straw, rice husk, etc., and increase the air humidity before the gasket, can also be very Good to reduce dust. In addition, the thickness of the pad can also be increased, and the release of dust can be reduced.

3. Using a vacuum cleaner: Under cage conditions, the breeder uses a vacuum cleaner to clean the ground, equipment, and chicken cage, but the action should be light and avoided. .

4. Reducing the density of the feeding: By reducing the amount of feeding density, the amount of activity of the chicken can be reduced, and the concentration of the dust can be reduced.

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