Why is it so low that the survival rate of the solar chicken is so low?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, they have a natural, original ecology, and now the chickens industry will tend to naturally, return to nature, so many raised boy walks the bus. But it is found that the survival rate of copies of the chicken is relatively low. Why is this?

1, the chicken seedlings are a mark. For the farmarest household, it is more destroyed chicken, but it is not to eat it, but it is still a time for a period of time. , Then slowly remove it slowly. New environment, new feeding method, if it is not warming, it will cause great stress to you, this is one of the low survival rates.

2, the satling chicken is not survived by day, and it is also necessary to do the vaccine and some chicken disease prevention. Because now in the current environment, the chicken disease is more common, and the cross infection is generally, usually add some pure Chinese medicine or dedicated vitamins to increase the resistance of the chicken in the feed or drinking water during the weather.

3, there is a certain drawback about the understanding of chicken disease. Learn to observe the health status of the chicken, look at the spirit, see a fender, watch the feeding water, etc., once the abnormality is discovered. These basic knowledge should be known for these chickens.

4, during the chicken process, to strengthen feeding management, do a good job in the disinfection of chicken farms, clean up in time in time, encounter big stress in advance to prevent work. Feed should be less docilated, and some moldy feed may not be feeding. Winter is good for cold and warm, and do a good job in heatstroke prevention in summer. These can improve the survival rate of the copies of scholar chickens.

In short, the chicken is careful, and there must be a responsibility. Observe the chicken group, early and early treatment, timely control of the condition, and improve the survival rate of the copies of the chicken is not a problem.

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