Why is the cat call in the middle of the night?

timg (16).jpg The cat is often called in the middle of the night, this is a headache, anger. The cat’s voice made a family could not sleep, and even the neighbor was complained. So why is the cat call in the middle of the night, if you encounter this situation, what should I do?

Cat called in the middle of the night, may be because of the in love. This is the normal physiological response of normal cats. When estrus, the cat’s character will become anxious. In order to attract the opposite sex, they will call it everywhere. In this case, the owner’s anger is scolding. And the owner should not treat the cat.

To change this, you can give it sterilization after your pet cat is estrus (of course, if you really need to make sterilization, the owner must consider clear). In the face of estrous cats, parents should be better to appease, hospital tolerance, widespread attitude to treat pet cats. When cats have passed the estrus, it will not be old in the middle of the night.

Cats are called in the middle of the night, and it may be because it develops a bad habit of living. Or too much sleep during the day, leading to the evening, it is still very powerful. In addition, the cat is originally a night animal, and it will be concentrated in the day. When it goes to it, it starts to act, jump, and calling is also inevitable.

To avoid these situations, as the owner should pay attention to guidance in cats, cultivate cats to develop good habits. When you are in the day, you can accompany your cat to interact, do the game, give some toys to play, help the cat consumes its energy, let it sleep quietly, not the old call.

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