Why is the cat fear of water?

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People who know about cats are known that most cats are very afraid of water. Just in the daily bathing process, they will also feel nervous, so escape bath. Due to the fear of cats, we also very little can see, the cat and the dog playful scene in the water. So, why is the cat is so afraid of water?

Speaking of the cats afraid of water, this is going to be traced back to the living environment of cat ancestors and developing living habits. According to the research survey, the ancestors of domestic cats originated from African wild cats and Asian desert cats, mostly living in the desert, rarely exposed to water, so they all belong to the duck class, and they are afraid after encountering water. This is a psychological fear due to the natural environment, and very few contacts.

Due to the environmental impact, cats themselves have the ability to keep it its own cleaning. Therefore, there is no need to take a bath in the process of feeding, and frequent bathing is easy to destroy the protective layer of the cat skin skin, so that the hair of the cat is easier to dry, becoming fluffy. And most cats also have a fear of fear, they are afraid of the whole body wet state, sometimes they see water, they will turn around and escape.

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