Why is the glandular gastritis?

I. Chicken glands

This disease can occur in four seasons, but the autumn, winter is most serious, exuded, popular, fast transmission, and a variety of breeds and daily age Infection; the spread pathway is diversified, which can both spread through air foam, water, drinking water, utensils, and digestive tract; main causes have both non-infectious factors (albumin, low vitamins, mold, toxins Class, etc.) also have infectious factors (chicken pox, unknown intimitis, Ma Lick’s disease vaccine, etc.)

Second, epidemic characteristics

1, high infectivity, high mortality, high Morbidity. Infectious glanditis has high infectious chicken, egg hooks and broilers in the selection of infectious objects, and the eggs and broilers have high infectious; and the incidence of glanditis is high; Once the disease is onset, 5-8 days can reach the peak period of death, which is undoubtedly a more tricky infectious disease.
Third, clinical manifestations

1, spiritual depth. The turning head is long, the feathers are not complete, the food and drinking water are reduced, the growth is slow, the weight gain is slow, and the feed conversion rate is low.
2, the gonadous wall swelling is a truse, and severe swelling such as troops. The gland is resembles irregularities, deformation, gently extrusion, extruded emulsion liquid, adenchoster nipple edema is hard-stamp, use scissors to scratch the zigzag resistance, partially white cumshot, severe focus model ulcer, muscle stomach Innermeal bleeding.

3, the inner diameter of the muscle stomach is thick, the length is shortened, and the gourd mouth or garlic head shape, the appearance has obvious red, the white phase coagulation necrosis or spots, and the gland’s stomach joints are different degrees. Ulcer, muscle wall swelling.

Four, Zhiliao Program

For the onset of chickens, the agro-agad gastroke zhiliao, ingredients: hawthorn, malt, six gods, betel nuts, etc., YAO, YAO, zhiliao glandular gastric Good helper, need to open for 10 days, usually do the hygiene and ventilation work of the chicken house, keep good air zhiliao.

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