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Why is the pseudohadies become more common in the farm? Pseudohavis is an acute thermal infectious disease in a variety of livestock and wildlife. Pigs in different ages are susceptible, mainly spread through respiratory, reproductive tract, placenta, and milk. It mainly causes serious breeding disorders, piglet nerve symptoms, diarrhea and high mortality, growth and fatty pig respiratory disease syndrome. Characteristics characterized by non-hydrazine meningitis, and gangliitis, visceral substantial organ necrosis and infarction. Such diseases are now swept across the country, causing a lot of economic losses to the farming industry. So the prevention and control of the disease is currently very important.
Prevention and treatment method:
1. Emergency immunization.
A: For the boar of the whole pig, the immunization is enhanced after three weeks after three weeks after three weeks.
B: All 10-day-old inner pig porcine nasal immunization.
C: 10 days of age or above the breastfeeding pig and the full muscle injection of the pigs were immunized. 2. Isolation blockade, strictly disinfected.
Separating the pathogenesis of the mother pigs immediately isolated from the assumption health sow. In the case of difference, it is impossible to eat milk, and the respiratory symptoms are obvious, there is neurological symptoms, and piglets without treatment are immediately eliminated. The entire range is disinfected. Shandong and Meihua Group Co., Ltd. are mainly engaged in the mixed feed, concentrated feed, and produce the production and sales of feeds. Annual production, sales of 300,000 tons, total output value of 800 million yuan, is a key leading company in Jinan agricultural industrialization. The unique and Memory farming model is for the majority of egg hooks, and pig breeding users provide a sound technical service system, making the benefits of users to improve and have a good praise from more than 20,000 users. Pay attention to WeChat public account: and Meihua Group to learn more farmed information. Pay attention to WeChat public account: and Meihua Group to learn more farmed information.
3. Strengthen biosafety.
Do harmlessly treated with crops, dead animals, and die. It is forbidden to come to the car to prohibit the staff in the field.
4. Improve feeding management.
Do a good job in the feces of the pig house, strengthen the pig house ventilation. Reduce feeding density and eliminate various stress. Add multi-gallery or the like among the feed.
5. Symptomatic treatment.
In order to control the secondary infection caused by the pig breed, add Amoxillin in the sow feeding of the pathogenesis, and consolidate the ennovia, electrolytic multi-dimensional, glucose. Supplementary antiviral Chinese herbal preparation: live anti-, supporting detoxificationScattered. Patient pork muscle injection cyclophily + Astragalus polysaccharide injection. The following main talks about why pseudo-rabies will increasingly common reasons? 1. The incomplete reserve sow is introduced into an important factor in the instability of pseudo mobacies.
In the pig farm, in order to ensure normal production of the pig, it is constantly incorporated into the backparent pig. Continuously increasing the risk of infection in pig psessage rabies, causing the distribution or popularity of pig breeds. Therefore, the introduction of the reserve sow must do a good job of the detection of rabies, do not introduce positive pigs.
2. The pigs have increased the chance of pigment infection in the long term.
At present, the sow is poisoned, and poisonous pregnant sows can be infected with fetuses through placenta, and poisonous lactate sows can be dyed by milk. This is why I have to give breastfeeding pig diarrhea in the last post, treat viral diarrhea with pseudohavophosic vaccine. In addition, in the countryside of rural areas, because they don’t raise the boar, they are the exquisite semen. Many breeding breeders who raise boars are always ignored to pseudo-raw fang vaccination for boars. Therefore, the boar’s poison is more harmful, and the breeding can be infected by contact with polluted vaginal mucosa, or semen. Therefore, the vaccine work of the boar is also very important. 3. Easy animals, increase the difficulty of prevention and control of pseudohavisia.
Pseudohadia’s natural host is pig, but it will infect dog cats, cows, sheep, mice, and so on. If the pig farm is breeding dog, the dog, etc., will also increase the chances of communication. In addition, it is also very important to the mice.
4. Immunization and neglect is an unstable induction of pseudo mobility.
In recent years, as pigsia complicates, everyone pays attention to cyclic disease blue ear disease, epidemic diarrhea, foot-and-mouth disease, but ignores the prevention and control of rabies. What’s more, as the pig price falls. Some farming members are expensive to be expensive, and they will not spend money in this respect. This is a very ignorant farming concept. The general people believe that as long as the pig has neurological symptoms, it means that it may have pseudo-ravine. I don’t know our breeding pig. If there is a respiratory disease, sometimes pseudo-raw fang is in the monster.
When the pig price is too low, we should pay more attention to our health of our pigs, improve the survival rate, and ensure the health of pigs. This way we have a healthy pig to fight against our market. Especially when the price of pigs is cheap, it is guaranteed that the health of the pig, then the pig is growing up, maybe our pig prices rose.

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