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As the temperature is getting higher and higher, the incidence of uterine in the pig farm is also increasing, according to the experience of previous years, from June to October, the incidence of uterine inflammation after sows can reach 20% or even higher.

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The morbidity of the pertinengeal inflammation of the pig farm has a big relationship:
1, the use of sow positioning column

Although the positioning column can improve the land use rate, it is easy to manage, but the positioning column has seriously restricted the movement of the sow, and the lack of sows will have problems, the production is weak, the production process is too long, and foreign objects in the uterus cannot be discharged in time. It is manifested as endanter.

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2, piglets’ new pursuit

The current farmers have become increasingly important to piglets, do not consider the degree of self-suffering of the sows, When you have a new year, you need to spend more physical strength, leading to the shortage of uterine contractions in the second half of the process, and the lochia is not exhausted.
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The root cause of high-risk in the pig farm is the root cause of the mother pigs, there is no way to discharge it in time, causing the sub-uterine closure time to be late. Plus the summer high temperature and high humidity, a large number of bacterial proliferation increases the risk of infection in endonica.

Enditis prevention and control is a systematic engineering, need to attract everyone:

1, after childbirth, 0.1% potassium permanganateSolution cleans the mother sow breasts and ass. 2, reduce the humidity in the range and strengthen disinfection, and set a certain amount of raw lime around the house.
3, the feces that the sow is discharged in bed.
4, sows can be used in muscle injection, long-acting Amoxicillin, long-lived Ennohaxard and other drugs to prevent uterine inflammation.
5, the conditional pig farm can also make a hanging needle during the production of sow, which can reduce the birth stress, and promote the recovery of the maternal pigs to reduce the incidence of uterine inflammation.
6, sow in the hometown in the hometown, in the hometown, promote the outer row of intrauterine foreign matter, and prevent uterine inflammation while promoting the repair of endometrium.

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