Why is your chicken not eat more food?

If the chicken is toned, if you don’t eat, if you don’t eat it, you will be high, the drug is high, and you want to make profits.

Most causes of the chicken groups are caused by glandular gastritis. According to incomplete statistical glanditis, the incidence of goditis is as high as 98%, which has been steadily ranking the first of the chicken disease. It is even more speech that there is a lot of chicken farms, but it is better to die, and you can’t get adenitis.
Why glandular gastritis frequently high-frequency high-efficiency chicken farm?
1, feed mold toxin problem, this is recognized, and some people have replicated with glandic muscle gastric inflammation with feed toxin contaminated feed.
2, the internal environment of the chicken house, statistical indicates that high temperature and high humidity environments are more likely to cause adrenometric gastritis. The well-ventilated chicken house is relatively low.
3, genetic factors will also increase the incidence of this disease, but generally small-scale farms is difficult to rule out this disease.

Why is your chicken not eat more food?

The clinical manifestation of glandular gastric inflammation and its anatomical symptoms are:


1, pull feed feces or thin ” Noodle feces “, unsubstantable feed granules

2, it is easy to be amazed, fear of scared

3, the skin is pale, the sick chrove, mouth, the foot is pale

4, picky food, fever, like tobach, food and drinking water reduce

5, the weight is slow, the weight and the actual weight is very different, a batch of chicken is branch

Why is your chicken not eat more food?
II) Cayain symptoms

1, adrenal stomach, muscle goggles severe disorders

2, glandular mucosa swelling thick, appearance has a rhombic grid line, Genoma, bleeding, ulcer, some nipples have been fused to be unclear

3, thymus, spleen and French cysts severe shrinkions

4, the intestinal wall is thin or thickened, The intestine has varying degrees of hemorrhagic inflammation

How to control glandular gastritis, is the problem that the chicken farm is currently demanding, many experienceChicken people start from chicks to the chicken house, using various drugs to prevent, but have little effect.

Why is your chicken not eat more food?

If you have the following chickens, you need to prevent godyinitis:

1. The product is not good, the chicken is excited, and the net nursing chicken is often flying. Go to the corridor;

2. Neurological symptoms, feet in the beginning of the disease, squatting, and then two feet are completely unable to stand;

3. Digestion, feces can be seen Digestive feed particles;

4. The skin is pale, the hair is long, the mouth, the body is thin.
5. The chicken chicken is only a large number of large and small, uneven, and the weight is not up to standard.

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