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狍 狍 is generally built in the courtyard, ventilated, and do winter warm summer cool. The circle consists of sports fields and bedrooms. The sports field is a spacious structure, and the peripheral wall is more than 2 meters, in order to prevent it, the wall can be contained with firewood. The overall requirement is not less than 5 square meters per pair of coils, and the trough and drinking tank are provided in the circle. Wildfall is not afraid of cold, but summer is afraid of heat, so there is a shading facility in summer.
Adult 狍 日 狍 配 配 配: 0.0 grams of grass powder, 150 grams of bran, corn sode, 50 grams of bean cake, feeding a salt in 7 days to 10 days, mix into the feed. Some green feeds are properly added in the summer. Grass flour is made up of leaves, cereals, soybean straws, etc., which requires many varieties, not mold.
When the wild is too drinked, there should be water in the drinking water, and one day is changed. Feeding the wild, usually fed 4 times a day in the summer, 10 times a day, feeding the amount, no longer eaten.
Prevention of disease
狍 resistance is stronger than any livestock. Despite this, it cannot be underestimated. Usually, you should pay attention to implicit, mold, sink, food trough, clean, cleaning the circle every day, put the ground in the summer, keep drying; 20% per month, 20%, plus water 80%, full spray once Cooperative house and thank you for your visit.
The male mun is in order to raise, and the proportion of 1: 4 is most suitable. Mother is difficult to get in the premium, and people can take a lamb to pick up their legs near the forehead. The wild is very strong, and the lamb immediately tongue lambs and feeds themselves. It is about 1 hour to 2 hours placenta to fall off, and the mother is eaten from the feature, which is determined by the wild.
The breastfeeding starts to increase 150 grams of feed a day, and it is increased to 200 grams after 7 days. At the same time, some milk powder, bone flour and other animal proteins are added, and some green juice feed is added.
There is a habit of eating soil after 7 days, and it is necessary to choose a basket of half-shamlessly, stacked in the corner of the circle for its own feeding, and the lamb begins to eat in about 15 days. It is separated from breast milk for 60 days. It can be 25 kg or more in the same year, and the second year can be breeded, and the lambs in two years old.

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