Will breeding friends come in and see how similar problems have been encountered during breeding?

This article comes from 15712770769 , reminding the problems and solutions encountered during the breeding process!

1, 嗉 Nang is very drums and feeding indicates that birds are JI sex death or appetite during illness.

2, 嗉 NANG has a ruttling liquid and mucosa erosion suggests that poultry is very likely to be great.

Description: Judging the new city of infection mainly depends on 3-5 cm under Yellow Tati and 3-5 cm under the rectum of the two-free intestine, there is a jujube nuclear sample swelling, out of XUE Pathological changes such as necrosis, etc. (new city residual lesions).
3, 嗉 nang has a coal tar sample liquid proposal XUE, at this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the lesion of the gonada.
4, 嗉 nang is very large, the disease is pre-expanding, and the siph is a bitter, and the one-sided vagus nerve swelling is Morick’s disease.

5, 嗉 Nang necrosis prompts the mild flu H9 potential!

6, when the chicken occurs, it is more like to eat crushed materials or fabrics!

7. Treatment of coccidi must add fish in the evening to repair the intestinal mucosa.

8, can’t add a lot during treatment of coccidia!

9. Treatment of the cuvetic course Zui good zhiliao three days stop for another day!

If it is very powerful, it should be like this.

At the same time, if it is raised, ZUI is good to change the low.

Because the only infection pathway of coccidia is to eat feces with eggs.

10, Zhilia must be equipped with intestinal drugs! Otherwise it will cause irritation syndrome.

11, coccidi — Fa NanG — New City Divotment This is the road map of this disease!

The principle is that if infected with coccidia, Fa’s Nang Immune failure!
12. The harm of coccidia is:

1) Small colonoctosis can lead to immunosuppression.

2), coccidi destroyed the chances and strength of intestinal bacterial diseases.

3), while affecting the absorption of feed nutrients and the material ratio is increased.

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