Will pets will have menopause?

QQ截图20210111110707.jpg We all know that people have menopause, and people who are in menopause is easy to irritate, but you know that they have menopause, they have menopause! Today, I will meet!

When you find that the love cat pet dog is changing in the family, you have to consider it, they are not reached the year. With the growth of age, cats, the body’s function begins to degenerate, and hormones have expanded, and they will trigger some physiological or psychological changes like people. This is the menopause of the cat. Because cats and dogs don’t talk, the owner tends to ignore their changes, and even think that they don’t obey, misunderstandings. In fact, the cat dog has become a natural physiological phenomenon of nature, the temper is easy to violent, arbitrary and eating and eating habits. During this time, as the owner should understand and care about them, try to avoid blaming them, so that they can spend the age.

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