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In June, the rushan car seems to have the market to make the market, and when the rise is coming, when the bull market is coming, I feel that the bear market is still there. Many people are found in the market by the market, and the difference is still huge. Looking back at the market, look forward to the future, first understand what happened before the market can continue the future. I think I have established since I have achieved it before May: One is the beginning of May, the early birthday source is significantly reduced to the rise in June. The second is that the chicken from Amoy will not die. Recovery 2016 to July. 2788, which has been eliminated; three is a variety of factors to continue the market, high temperature, plum rain, pessimistic expectations, low inventory states promote the egg price fluctuations, and the fluctuations continue to continuing low inventory; Pay attention to WeChat public account: livestock and poultry farming, understand more farmed information. Technical support: Tel: 15853106958QQ: 3332097010 WeChat: 15853106958 Fourth, the red powder egg prices are obvious; five is from the Spring Festival to the current short-term profit period. In the early stage, the egg price will experience the twists and turns of 1.8-1.9, 3.1-3.2, 2.6-2.7, 4.1-4.2. The first three stages are completed in June, and finally gradually step into the rise in late July, then in 9 The highest of 4.2 in the first month. This is a deduction based on the similarity of the 12 years of the trend. The actual egg price is over the expected expectation, from 1.8 to 3.5 to 2.2, and the rise is expected to be 3,4 cents in June. This actually explains the market has been continuing to continue this pessimistic expectation, because there is no inventory conditioning, when it is rising, it will be thrown, and the price of the price is thrown to the extreme. Although egg prices have volatility than 12 years, it is much more like this year. Another difference is that the weather is in the weather, and the 12-year egg price is started earlier. The weather has created conditions for inventory adjustment, and this year’s previous loss period is longer, the egg price starts late, and it has become a plum, which is already in stock. Buffering is unfavorable. So, we have reached the feed cost again when we see the fall. At the same time, we have focused on the 12-year egg price after the big rose fell and the intermediate transition section before starting in the middle of July, there was a wave of obvious rebound, but the magnitude was only 0.3 yuan. Which is good, and a USThe Group was established on May 16, 2004, dedicated to the professional, standardization and high-tech of the feed industry, using high-tech products and system service capabilities as the basis for creating value for users, developing new functional egg chicken premix Products and American farm models, have obtained a number of national invention patents and is approved by customers. This year’s egg price is only 2.2 after two or three days, it is only two or three days, and the amplitude is still super history. I think it is also caused by low inventory state. This year’s weather is intensified, and the low price of each clearing dumping dumping has exacerbated pessimistic expectations, then this phenomenon may continue in the future, and there will be several serious problems. First, the loss period of prolonging farmers will be further intensified. Because most of the practitioners have made decisions based on the current price, the extended loss period will intensify pessimism, so that further elimination, after all, it is now eliminated that the price is appropriate, it can stop the loss. Second, clear stocks are covered with supply and demand gap, which prompted the short-term market for demising, so that the market misunderstands that there is still a high stock high, and pessimism further exacerbates, continuing low inventory state, continuing supermotrop, and delaying the aforementioned irrational behavior. Third, in this state, the contradiction between supply and demand will be further expanded, and the future egg price will still fluctuate sharply, and the market is expected. Therefore, the first overkill is a natural disaster, h7n9, the second overkill is a low inventory state under the pessimistic emotion, although the high temperature also has a certain factor, but I think the humanity is the main reason. The supply is re-reduced during this stage of no elimination, and the future egg rate decline and the increase in new production capacity are rising. The contradiction between supply and demand will be further expanded, and the price increase will once again expect. At least, it can be seen that although the egg price is fluctuated, the bottom of the price is gradually raising, the average price is from 1.8, to 2.2, and then the current 2.4. Without the low point of the inventory buffer, there is no high inventory of the inventory, until the supply and demand gap is expanded to cannot be adjusted, and the inventory after the rise is not enough to promote the egg price to change the market to change the market expectations. Back to normal tracks. The so-called mountain pool is as long as the road, and the Liuqinghua is another village. The road has never been twists and turns, every wave of quotations will not be smooth, and every battle will be loaded into the history. Every experience is a valuable wealth. In short,The most dark moments of the market have passed, and the sun does not mean that the sun is bright, and the violent wind is to put down the future of sunshine. This article comes from the network, copyright belongs to the original author, pays tribute to the original authors, and the viewpoint of the original author, only represents the original author’s point of view, does not represent this platform, share it for everyone, for reference only, please do not blind, thank you!

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