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Winter, the temperature in the cold season is low, how to make the farmers Winter? What should you pay attention to in winter cattle? First, pay attention to a cowshed. Winter cattle should pay attention to the warm shed, according to the size of the cattle group, should not be too high to be too high to prevent heat consumption. Plastic warm sheds are good, at noon, open the shed box to ventilation. If it is a fixed plastic warm shed, there should be sufficient ventilation and ventilation, and regularly clean the urine, prevent cattle respiratory diseases and joint diseases. Second, winter cattle pay attention to wind and snow. The winter and spring season is more wind and snow, which is quite serious for the damage of the plastic warm shed, so it should pay attention to durability in the construction, and found that the hole is repaired in time. It is necessary to prevent heavy snow, general shed slope is good at 50 ~ 60 degrees, and sincere to sunshine into the shed, it can promote snow. Snow covered snow that cannot be fell should be removed. Third, winter cattle should pay attention to the tire and winter. Most cows in the winter are in pregnancy, so they have to do a good job in the warning work, and they will be brought by the public, cows. Do not let the pregnant cattle eat frozen grass, prevent cow fights, collision, squeezing, fall, and people are in a hurry Causes abortion. Give the cow feeding the fine material and water saline. At the same time, he also grasps the breeding work of the empty cow. Fourth, nurses in winter pay attention to add feed. Winter climate is cold, cattle needs to consume its own energy to resist cold, so we should increase the supply, supplement energy of energy feed, and help to promote growth against cold. Winter cattle is doing more than the above points, cows can safely winter! If you have any questions, you can consult a small series, and there are more feed for cattle and sheep to choose from.

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