Winter chicken puller white dung

Recently, I often encounter a problem with a question: the chicken group is diarrhea. Moreover, this pulse is regular diarrhea, pulling the morning, white thin manure, normal in the afternoon, and start.

Many people see that the chickens are diarrhea, which is enteritis, all use antibiotics, neomycin, gentamicin, etc., some will add anti-viral drugs, but The treatment effect is not ideal.

This situation is often encountered by old farmers. Old farmers have experience, knowing that they will not let death, so many people do not do.

What is the cause of chicken context to pull white dung?

In fact, if the chicken will notice the observation summary, it will find that such feces will generally occur after the rain, or the weather will appear after the weather is cold. It is said that many experienced people will guess this problem. This situation is that the ground is too cold in the evening, or the cold air blows to the abdomen of the chicken, the chicken is cold, resulting in the pulse. This is not properly managed, or the environmental difference between the chicken house is related to drug control, and the long-term administration will cause seriousness of the liver and kidney.

In the afternoon chicken house:

Do not invest in this situation However, there will be no problem in a short time. After a long time, repeatedly diarrhea, intestinal mucosa fall off, intestinal necrosis, and decline in intestinal necrosis, and a series of issues will appear. At this time, I will find that the chicken is more difficult to raise.

How should we deal with this problem?

Since we know that the abdomen is cold, then we will do it from management improvement, replace the dry pad, then pay attention to the gap of the leakage, and warm the temperature in the evening.

At the same time, it uses a homicrobacterial, and more than 120 seed flora, it can effectively improve the intestinal environment, improve the intestinal resistance, thereby reducing the onset. This can ensure the health of liver and kidneys, the health of the intestines, and can reduce the administration, fundamentally solve the problem of rigorous pulse in the autumn and winter season.

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