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At present, the skin has completed all of the skin, and the management of a variety is the key to production. The current management point is to make the foundation for breeding products.
Key points 1: At present, enter the winter season, to strengthen feeding management, feeding, and increase nutrition, increase nutrition. The main feed variety of the field is 30% of the sea fish, 25% of the chicken and duck, 13-14% cereal feed (including corn surface 2, wheat bran 1, soybean surface 1), 12-15% of vegetables, and add B Vitamins and Ve film, trace elements such as cod liver oil. From the eve of early January to mid-February, the feeding amount is gradually adjusted, balance the species, so that the kind of safety is safe and so that the specoaculture organ is developing normally.
To point 2: Winter weather is cold, due to cold air, the temperature is high, it is necessary to pay special attention to the management of the hunition, he will give each sahed together every morning and the breeder. Obalite, there is a number in the heart of the group, discovery problems, immediately solve, and tell the reasons for the breeders and carefully conduct technical guidance. He specially suggests that at any time in winter, you should clearly clear the stools in the small chamber, replace the cubes, and repair the damaged cage, keep the chamber dry, clean and warm. Due to the high wind, the weather is dry, drink more water, prevent cold, pneumonia disease, so that the species is safe.
To point three: increasing the amount of mottle, exercising the body. Every morning and evening, he also requires the breeder to deliver the water to enhance disease resistance in cages. This has only been exercised the body of the husband and beast, and the small beast has a capture ability, which has a certain benefit to improving the utilization. To point 4: Adjust a variety of male physical condition, it is crucial, directly related to reproductive. Grouting or tightening, male breeding capacity is poor, or even unused. The mother is late, it is difficult to mate, the empty rate is high, and the product is small. This should take “weight loss” and “weighting” on the “weight loss” and “weight loss” for more than fat or too thin. One, in February, the species is especially important, in the middle, mid-in, general physical condition should be maintained, middle and install, this stage is fat, enhances cold resistance and disease resistance.
On the eve of breeding, young mid-term physical condition, husband and other physical condition. In the middle and lower in the young mother, the old mother is medium or different, and the physical condition of each is different. According to the specific case, the flexibility is flexible. It is 5: Do your physical condition. Three in physical condition identification methods,First, the appearance identification, the second is to weigh the law, three is the identification of the body mass index (n = body weight grams / cm). Appearance identification and weighing methods are commonly used methods.
1, the appearance identification: the body of the pretext, the body is semi-circular hammer type, the muscles are relaxed, can see the abdominal fat after standing, happy, the action is slow, not flexible, when you catch When you live in the moon, your hand is touched, you can’t touch the spine, the body is thick; too thin, the hair is no gloss, the plush rough, the body elongate strip, stand, the abdomen is flat, the back crotch is trench The bow type, the activity is jumping, and the hand is touched, the spondyl is obviously prominent; the medium of medium physical condition, it seems that the body is more well statureful, the muscles are full, flexible, standing, abdominal plate flat.
2, adoption of warranty identification physical condition: generally every 10 days, it is more troublesome, and the method of spot check can be taken as a combination of the appearance. 3. Identification of body mass index method: Practice has proved that the boss weight is between 25-27 g / cm, and its feeding is better.
To point 6: Type of prostate and too thin, to use “weight loss” and “fat” methods to achieve the ideal physical condition. After the physical condition is identified, it is necessary to make a tag on the small chamber cover. According to different weight, it takes appropriate measures.
1, weight loss method. If the whole group is fertilizer, it is necessary to adjust the feed immediately, reduce fat and sugar-containing feed, add more vegetables, or reduce feeding volume, but can not reduce the ratio of meat feed. For individual obesity, put it in the final feeding; or remove the plast in the chamber; when the weather is good, turn it outside the small room; or let the two fat hind’s interchangeable position, due to the environmental changes, Increase its activity, consume excess fat, reach the purpose of “weight loss”.
2, fattening method. If the whole group is thin, it should increase the right quality feed and increase the food on a daily. At noon or night, I have to eat “bias” for the thin, and make up. To change the cages to the back winds of the sun, the chambers should add plasma, strengthen the insulation, increase drinking water, promote appetite.
For difficult to restore physical conditions, the skin is eliminated.
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