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Ma Lick’s disease is a lymphoid tissue of the chicken, which is due to the macid herpes of Mistozoi. It features peripheral neuroblinals infiltration and increased, causing limbs (wings) paralysis, as well as the gonad, iris, various organs, muscle and skin tumor lesions. This disease is a worldwide disease. It is currently one of the three major epidemic diseases (Ma Liken disease, chicken new city disease and chicken infectious rules), causing higher incidence and death of chickens. rate.

Pathogens and epidemic

Pathogen. The disease is a malignant lymphadenoma disease caused by Ma Like virus. Maci virus mainly exists in renal tubules, Faishu, nerve tissue, but is not suitable for existence in an external environment, and the survival capacity of fierce in the outside environment is low, and after leaving the cells, the virus is caused The disease is significantly weakened, even lost, but the virus leaves the cells can still survive, the virus is strong, which has high infectivity.

Epidemiology. The source of infection is a harsh chicken and a poisonous chicken. The broiler is infected with a lifetime of poisonous, sick chives and poisoned chickens, dandruff, dust and secretions and excrement are the main infection It can be propagated directly or indirectly. After the virus enters the chicken group, it will quickly spread in the group. Chickens from 2 to 5 months are susceptible groups, and the protrusion of severe infection is mainly a healthy chicken group in the early days of growing dandruff, dust and feathers.

Clinical symptom

Type. The common infringement site is the sciatic nerve, mainly infringed the peripheral nerve, the diseased chicken is light, one side is heavier, the murderer is unstable, and the body ilij is not completely paralyzed in the initial incidence. It is completely paralyzed and cannot be active. The diseased chicken often squats on the ground, if the position of the infringement is the arm nerve, there will be a characteristic posture before the legs extends before the leg; if the infringement is the nerve domineering the neck muscle, it will show a head drag or head and neck. Skew; if the vagus nerve is expressed as a sound, the breathing is difficult, and the sac is expanded; if the imaginary nerve is expressed as diarrhea.

Internal traces. The fierce is acute outbreak, and the fierce is also called acute. Disease chickens in the early stage of the diseaseThere is a large amount of spiritual wilting, slow response, and a few days later, there will be limb single or double paralysis. Some chickens have no characteristic clinical symptoms during death, and sudden death occurs. Most sick chickens have dehydrated during death, gradually thin and coma.

Opening. The sick chickens are manifested as monocular or double eyesight, and the iris loses normal pigment, which is concentricular or spotted to diffuse gray white. Moreover, the edges of the pupil are not neat, and the pupil is finally developed to the small hole in the pupil.

Skin type. This type has no obvious symptoms. Generally, the skin, neck, and torso, the skin, the neck, and the torso of the sloppy, and the tumor-like tumes, and the touch content is solid, and the touch content is solid. Will continue to increase, can’t fall off and disappear in white line. This type of course of disease is longer, and the diseased chickens will gradually lose weight, and finally failure.

1. Strengthen the environmental hygiene and disinfection of chicken, especially the sterility of hatching and brooding, and prevent early infection of chicks. This is very important, otherwise it is difficult to prevent disease even after the shell is immediately immunized.

2. Strengthen feeding management, improve the living conditions of the chicken group, enhance the resistance of chicken body, and have a big role in preventing this disease. In terms of feeding management, poor environmental conditions or certain infectious diseases such as coccidiasis is often important induced factors.

3. Adhere to self-cultivation, prevent the virus into the chicken house due to the purchase of chicken seedlings. The full-grade feeding system is used to prevent chickens from different ages.

4. Prevent stress factors and prevent diseases that cause immunosuppressive diseases such as chickens infectious ricks, chickens infectious anemia virus diseases, mesh endothelial tissue proliferative diseases.

5. Treatment of this disease. Once this is a case, all chickens are removed in the infected venue, and the chicken is cleaned and disinfected, and the new chick is introduced again. Once you start, you will not add new chickens.

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