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1. Because the peeling time of the season is in the early winter, its drying is not as easy as the spring, so before the decision, it is necessary to dry in the sun’s sufficient weather, at least to reach the lippet part There is no obvious oil oil in the skin. It is best to continue to dry when you are drying to keep your skin. 2. Custody (deposit) The leather house should be a room that does not live or basically maintains a lower humidity. At the same time, ventilation conditions should be provided, and when the odor is large or high in the house, it is ready to allow it to vent time to ensure that there is no mold. 3. When the specific operation, the treated leather must be separated by the level, and then vertically hang over the upper place. In order to safely and effectively use the housing space, it should be fixed according to the size of the house, and the solid wooden stick is fixed in the part of the house, the bamboo should be hung by the leather, and the bamboo pole. 4. The leather should hang up taps, which can make the velvet, the needle hair naturally sag. Zhang and Zhang need to keep and have a loose distance to give the spatial space that is free to breathe, which is conducive to the metabolism of the skin. 5. Winter storage leather, generally do not need to place an anti-insecticide. Because there is basically no locust in winter, and the drug is attached to the inside of the leather, it is not conducive to the moisture of the leather. Scan code pays attention to more content! ! !

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