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The winter season, the temperature is low and the air is dry, and it is a multi-season season of broiler respiratory disease. At the moment, respiratory disease has reached complex and very difficult to control, especially in the past two years, “airbagitis” as the main condition, which has caused huge losses to broiler breeding industry. By visiting the multi-plant farmers, the author summed up a series of prevention and control measures in combination with the disease in combination with many years of clinical breeding.

First, clinical and cutting symptoms

The diseased chicken is generally first stream nose, sneezing, gradually developing into coughing and breathing difficulties, the trachea has Luo Yin . In the late sect, the eyelid swelling, tears, and even cheese-like exudate, the positive chicken is sluggish, the food is reduced, the increment of the chicken is slow. The course of disease can reach half a month, even throughout the whole batch of chicken.

Early cross-sectional visible airbags mild turbid, thickened, yellow foam shape or dew liquid, late visible yellow cheese-like exudate, gas pipes have bleeding, severe nose, trachea There is a viscous or cheese-like exudate, a lung congestion, edema, and even different degrees of necrosis, and will continue to send E. coli, a “three inflammation” symptoms such as liver peritonitis.

The airbag structure unique to the poultry, so that the breathing system of the chicken from the nose to the lungs, the abdominal organ, and the bones and related The organization forms an integral communication. Such a structure is very easy to spread to the abdominal organs after infection of the respiratory system of the chicken.

2, due to the low temperature in winter, there is no ventilation in the chicken house, causing harmful gases in the house, and the chicken is damaged by the blend of the chicken, and the anecdosis disease occurs.

3, the weather is dry in winter, especially in the northern region, the humidity in the chicken house is low in the feeding process, the dust is high, causing the respiratory system such as chicken airbags to be severely damaged, and then the chicken group A respiratory disease occurs.

4, respiratory disease in the previous stage, generally considering the cause of non-pathogenicity such as the protocol or Salmonella, Escherichia coli, and ambigo. In the later stage, consider the mix of viruses and large intestines, such as new city disease, avian influenza, branch, throat and mucosa.

1. Strengthen daily feeding management to ensure a good growth environment of the chicken

Appropriate ventilation: Brochuri breeding, ventilation management is the primary task. In the winter, many farmers have ignored the ventilation ventilation of the chicken house in order to achieve the insulation. Winter chicken group Zhangqi, most of the case is not because of high temperature, but because of ventilation, no hypoxia. At the same time, in winter, it is necessary to carry out appropriate ventilation, and be sure to ensure the minimum ventilation amount of the chicken group.

Suitable Temperature: The temperature is the second important factor in the management of winter broilers. The chicken group can only have good survival and growth speed at a suitable temperature, thereby increasing the feed rate, reducing the meat ratio.

Suitable humidity: suitable humidity is more important in situations where winter ventilation is limited. Winter air is dry, it is easy to cause a humidity in the house, which in turn causes the chicken only dehydration and the incompatibility of feathers. At the same time, the humidity in the chickenhouse will increase the dust concentration, which is also the main cause of high airbags in recent years.

2, establish a perfect biosafety system

Various disinfection work, especially with chicken disinfection, very critical in winter. Sterilizing dust, purifying air, can greatly reduce the occurrence of airbagitis. Fu Nongzhu cry: the respiratory infection caused by the treatment of viral diseases, tracheal blockage. Pure Chinese medicine formula, no need to add anti-virus medicine! Imported export chickens are available, safe and efficient! 300 pounds of water! 2 days meet! The mortality rate is significantly reduced!

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